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They hate him because he has managed to secure our borders! They hate him because he has not allowed the foolishness of an opposition to dominate his professional conduct! They hate him because he did not succumb to the caprices of thieves and smugglers whose intent was to impress on him to absorb more of their folks to enhance their smuggling activities after completing the rigorous training.

They hate the Comptroller-General of Ghana Immigration Service, Lawyer Kwame Takyi, because his strict adherence to the books disenfranchised the crooks and gave honest Ghanaians the opportunity to make something out of their lives. Why not, then, will they not be livid about the recent recruitment and the others that preceded it?

I heard a very lazy submission from an idiot American Citizen, Kevin Taylor, to the effect that recruits and cadets were made to sleep in tents at the Immigration training camp! I do not know if in his idiosyncratically delusional mind he thought that training required living large in villas and being served turkey and biryani rice while the trainees got massaged by Thai girls!

Has he ever seen security training done in an estate with lush green lawns, ponds, Golf Courses, and swimming pools? Has he ever seen the American security services that he derives his philosophy in terrorism from set up boot camps in the midst of gated communities?

I mean being a foul talker as his dirty mouth delivers always, can’t he bring a little bit of decency to the pile that he spews regularly?

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Let me say that during the erstwhile NDC governments, scandalous as they were, recruitment was as shambolic as the confusion and derangement of Kelvin Taylor. Forms were not posted online via a link, but were, rather, sold in hardcopies. This idiot’s political party, the NDC, printed forms that they sold to the public without control and accountability in connivance with the outlet agencies.

The institutions stole from the people and the NDC government stole from both institutions and innocent Ghanaians until they stripped almost every household naked. Then again, the moneys were not even accounted for, and each thief pocketed what they had managed to steal.

It was a free for all recruitment, shambolic, dishonest, malicious, and downright disgraceful! Yes, let people know what the NDC thieves did! Not only was this the affliction of the nation, but perverts like Kelvin Taylor were hired to do dirty propaganda to clean their dung after releasing their bowels in the full glare of an offended society.

Then again, nothing better is expected of someone, who does not know his mother. Such a foul loudmouth imbecile cannot but express what he knows best: hatred; envy; curseful language; and buffoonery! Maybe, now that his “obroni” wife has allegedly left him because he was leeching on her all this while as the urchin he truly is, he ought to consider coming to Ghana to receive training at the immigrations camp to, at least, develop balls and shirk off the dastardliness of his character! I am sure Lawyer Kwame Takyi will receive him very well!

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It is imperative to note that the Ghana Immigration Service under the able Comptroller-General, lawyer Kwame Takyi, has constructed another training camp in the Ashanti Region where recruits and cadets will be offered better space and comfort as they go through training, so the vagabond talkative should tone down because his nonsense does not even amount to a storm in the teacup.

It is so easy to complain especially when the person you are being paid to hate is doing a yeoman’s job in ensuring that NDC will never get to bring in Burkinabes, Togolese, and Ivorians to vote for them. Apuutor!

What a criminal!

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