From Top NACOC Boss, Kenneth Adu-Amanfoh And Tema-Based Cold Store Operator, Emmanuel Ackah

From Left Tema-Based Cold Store Operator, Emmanuel Ackah And His Errands Boy Smilis Jojo Clegg Who Were Arrested In August

Author: Investigator Daniel Benin Ohim || Head Of Investigations

After weeks of investigations, coupled with back-and-forth hurdles, AMAGHANA ONLINE can authoritatively reveal that it appears efforts to fight money laundering in Ghana are being frustrated by some top security officials who appear to be shielding criminals and benefitting largely from their loot.

AMAGHANA ONLINE’s lead investigative journalist, Daniel Benin Ohim has uncovered one of such cases where a Ghanaian UK Utility Intelligence Unit Officer, Raph Sarpei has, allegedly interfered with a hardened drug trafficking case that occurred at the Federal Express (FEDEX) branch of the Airport Residential Area around the month of August.

It has emerged from our fact-finding tailing that a Cold Store Company Trust Link Ventures, is allegedly being used to whitewash and legitimise drug activities of the Billionaire owner and CEO Emmanuel Kwame Ackah.

Activities At The Cold Store Company Trust Link Ventures On A Busy Day

Emmanuel Kwame Ackah was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport on 6th August 2023 upon his arrival from the UK to Ghana.

The Tema-based Billionaire was arrested upon intelligence and the earlier arrest of Smilis Jojo Clegg, his errands boy, who attempted to traffic about 512.5 kilos of marijuana valued at several millions of pounds from Ghana over to the UK to his Boss, who was then awaiting the packages through the Federal Express (FeDex) Airport Residential Area Branch.

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Upon several interrogations by Narcotic Control Commission (NACOC) officials at the Federal Express (FeDex) Airport Residential Area Branch, he admitted that His Boss Emmanuel Kwame Ackah was already in the UK awaiting the delivery of the drugs.

The marijuana packages came wrapped in 25 different clay pots, as shown here:

The case, which was in the hands of the Police CID and the Narcotics Control Commission, now has a ‘bulldozer’ Raph Sarpei, allegedly in the scheme of influences and compromises involving himself from nowhere and frustrating the progress of prosecution processes with his keen, obvious interest at play.

The two suspects have so far been made to sign bail bonds with two sureties each in the sum of GHC800,000 each.

AMAGHANA ONLINE can report that there have been no efforts to pursue the case, and the NACOC Boss Kenneth Adu-Amanfoh has also shown less commitment in bringing the alleged criminals to book in full circle.

When contacted, The NACOC Boss, who couldn’t confirm or deny the case directed the investigative team to the same Raph Sarpei.

Raph Sarpei after a series of conversations with the team, responded in this manner below:


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