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In the heart of Mallam Gbawe, the air buzzed with anticipation as the Honorable Member of Parliament, Tina Ayele Mensah, gathered with the Chairperson of the board of Razs Oil, Many3 Naa Adorfo Adjorbor 1, Sempe Akweibu Many3 and the visionary General Manager of Razs Oil, Ing. Daniel Awotwi.

The occasion was nothing short of grand—a celebration marking the inauguration of a significant milestone: the Razs Oil Filling Station in Mallam Gbawe.

Under the banner of “Quality is Assured,” the event began with a warm welcome extended to esteemed guests, partners, and the community. The collective efforts of all, including invited traditional leaders and the President of AOMC, were acknowledged as instrumental in bringing this moment to fruition.

The Razs Oil Filling Station was not just about dispensing fuel; it was a symbol of commitment to service excellence, quality, and dedication. With a trio of features—prepaid vending point, mini-mart, and lube bay—the station aimed to redefine the customer experience, ensuring not just convenience but an enjoyable visit.

Speaking in an interview with the media, the General Manager of Razs Oil, Ing. Daniel Awotwi said the station’s infrastructure spoke volumes—three double-nozzle pumps and underground tanks boasting a 40,500L capacity each.

“This was not just a fueling station; it was a center of convenience, safety, and reliability for the community it served,” he said.

Performance Highlights Illuminate Success

Reflecting on the past year, the company’s growth was nothing short of remarkable. From six outlets to an impressive 23, including bulk and cell sites, Razs Oil has become a formidable player in the OMC space.

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Stability in petroleum product supply had been a key focus, with a 2023 vision targeting 10 million liters—an achievement already at an impressive 82%.

The revenue turnover target of GHC 75 million for 2023 had Razs Oil proudly reporting a turnover of GHC 53 million. This success was a testament to the collective efforts of the dedicated team. The company’s fleet of BRVs had undergone a significant enhancement, contributing to its overall performance.

To ensure ongoing success, Ing. Daniel Awotwi indicated that Razs Oil has implemented a monthly performance review system, submitting a SUITABILITY REPORT to the BOARD OF DIRECTORS, guiding them in optimizing each station’s operations.

A Pledge for a Sustainable Future

As the doors officially swung open, an invitation was extended to all to join the Razs Oil family. The pledge was not only to be a trusted partner in journeys but to contribute positively to the community and operate in an eco-friendly manner.

Touching on security, the visionary General Manager, Ing. Daniel Awotwi underscored that, his outfit is in partnership with the district police command to provide security to the clients and workers in various locations of their filling stations.

In conclusion, heartfelt gratitude was extended to everyone present for sharing in this celebratory moment. The journey ahead promised enduring relationships and a brighter, cleaner, and more prosperous future with Razs Oil as the preferred choice for quality fuel within the community.

Member of Parliament for Weija Gbawe, Hon Tina Ayele Mensah commended Razs Oil for their remarkable growth over the short of time, creating jobs to reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

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Pledging to patronize Razs Oil, she urged the constituents to also patronize Razs Oil.

Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, Parish Priest of Christ the King Catholic Church, prayed for Razs Oil and its workers, wishing them well in their endeavors.

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