From Top IGP Akuffo-Dampare, Nsawam Police Commander And The Self-styled Chief John Benford Torto, Korshie And Sai

“What is the interest of Nsawam Police in interfering in a case involving a lead notorious Land Guard popularly known as Korshie and his gang at Hebron currently being handled by the Adjen-Kotoku Police in Accra?

…Why does the Nsawam Police always interfere to transfer cases involving these gangs of Land Guards led by their Leader KORSHIE to their jurisdiction which nothing comes out of it?

Why would the police seize guns and grant bail and refuse to investigate who are the licensed owners of those guns that were used to fire shots and threaten residents at Hebron??

….Why is the Adjen-Kotoku Police CID Officer, Sandra Boateng pampering the land guards and refusing to pursue the case??”

These questions are being posed by the concerned residents of Hebron who fear for their lives due to the rampant terror activities of Land Guards in the area.

Residents of Hebron near Amasaman in Accra have accused the Kotoku Police and the Nsawam police of allegedly pampering popular notorious Land Guard Korshie who allegedly trade and supplies guns, a well known loose cannon, who goes round Hebron firing shots indiscriminately.

Land Guard And Alleged Gun Trader, Korshie

They said there have been several instances where they get arrested but the case never gets to anywhere.

They claim that the Kotoku Police and the Nsawam police are in bed with the Korshie and his terror gun men, who work for another top level Mafia and self-styled Chief called John Benford Torto and his close allies whose names were given as Sai and Annan.

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Korshie and his unidentified gang who wield guns have been terrorising Hebron residents and always threatened to evict all residents from the area.

The residents expressed worry that the operations of Korshie and his gangs continuously threaten peace and security in the area.

According to the residents Korshie and his gang have several times claimed they are the landlords.

From Left, Self-styled Chief John Benford Torto, Korshie And Sai

The residents narrated that one of such reckless shooting incidents happened on Friday 24th November 2023 around midnight where the gang shook walls and threatened to kill.

One of the residents, who is also a Queenmother, witnessed the 24th November Friday night shooting and she volunteered to give a chilling account of the whole incident on very strict conditions of anonymity.

“I went to the family house at Hebron in Accra on Friday 24th November 2023.

As soon as I settled around 12 midnight, I heard the sound of gun shots and amidst some charged atmosphere and noise ready for violence from some notorious land guards who were threatening people.

This sent panic and shivers all over the neighbourhood and I was wondering who was behind that shooting.

Residents feared for their lives and some of them started seeking a hiding place.

So I placed a call to someone and the person told me one notorious Land Guard Korshie, who always pampered by the Kotoku Police and Nsawam Police, together with some unidentified gun men have come again firing gun shots all over the place.

They appeared dressed in fugu and red bands, they shook walls and threatened us.

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The self-styled Chief John Benford Torto also led his gang to steal some motorbikes belonging to some area boys which one of the motorbikes was later found in his room.

The police came to arrest KORSHIE but he refused to open the door and the Adjen Kotoku police men turned away without breaking into the Door.

Why should the police not even feel bothered to arrest such a dangerous criminal?

Eversince the case was reported, it has been back and forth throughout and nothing is coming out of it. The CID Official Sandra Boateng is playing hide and seek with no proper interest to pursue the case.”

When contacted, the Adjen-Kotoku CID Officer Sandra Boateng responded “Yes, I am the CID in charge of the case. Yes I have been dealing with one Queenmother about the case but I can’t talk on the issue.

…If you want any information, come over to the Adjen-Kotoku Crime Officer and do your own checks. You can come tomorrow if you so wish.”

When pushed further, she added “I just got home and I haven’t even opened the door for my children. They haven’t even eaten.”

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