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ACCRA, GHANA, 27 November 2023—Bibi Saves the Honey Bees is the first book in a 3-book series written by Judith A. Ewa.

Her 3-book series raises awareness about preserving the environment and offers simple solutions to doing our part in caring for our planet. Judith writes for children aged 5 to 8 years.

The book is available on Amazon:

“Rousing, informative picture book of a girl, a garden, and helping to save the bees.” – BookLife Reviews
“A brilliant and educational book that is a solid 5 stars. Perfect for schools and of course on the shelf at home. — @selmccormick

“This beautifully illustrated book is a great introduction to children about the impact that one person can make on their community. Bibi and her friends learn that solutions don’t always come easily but also that persistence pays off. Their small acts make a big difference…and that is an important lesson for every young person!” — @thismommareadstoo

“The story perfectly describes what Bibi and her friends can do in very simple terms – in a younger child-friendly manner. The book uses proper terminology and delightful illustrations of nature whilst taking children through their step by step – and at times – frustrating journey to save the bees – together!

There’s even a wonderfully simple set of instructions at the back of the book to teach and encourage young children how to make their own compost and grow their own flowers to keep our bees and our wonderful planet safe and healthy. Delightful!” — @bookshelf_loseyourselfinabook

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Judith A. Ewa is a finance professional focused on climate change and improving children’s lives.

Bibi and her friends embark on an adventure to save the honey bees, navigating through a maze of obstacles Mother Nature throws in their path. Entertaining, touching and educational, Bibi Saves the Honey Bees, will help children understand that they, as individuals, can make a difference to our planet.

Join Bibi on an adventure to save the honey bees and see how she overcomes obstacles in nature!

When it was released on Amazon, Bibi Saves the Honey Bees ranked Number 1 in 3 categories (Children’s Agriculture Books, Children’s Botany Books and Children’s Gardening Books).

It was also featured in a trade magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, (2 Oct. 2023). “Bibi Saves the Honey Bees was displayed at the Frankfurt Book Fair (18-22 October 2023). In April 2024, Bibi Saves the Honey Bees will be displayed at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

The book has also been translated into French, German and Spanish. The accompanying “Bibi Saves the Honey Bees Activity Book” is available for free download at:

ISBNs: 9781957696171 (paperback) – 9781957696164 (hardcover) – 9781957696157 (ebook)
SPECS: 36 pages – 8.5×8.5
CATEGORIES: Children’s Agriculture – Children’s Botany

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