Enyan Abaasa Chief Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu

Residents and inhabitants of the Enyan Abaasa Traditional Area have joined the Yego Royal Family’s crusade to call their chief Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu to order.

They have accused their chief of running a chieftaincy system that gags, intimidate and suppress citizens.

The worried residents are bent on exposing the hell and dark shadows under Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu.

According to them, the Chief has initiated a reckless regime of imposing sanctions and fining spree, where anyone who expresses his or her opinions about his style of ruling always land on his cold shoulders.

Currently, the Yego Royal Family been banned from holding funerals and burying their families, seeking health care, going to the market and their children from attending schools.

The highly charged and enraged residents are asking the Chieftaincy Ministry to intervene and call their loose Chief Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu to order.

“We are at the receiving end of all kinds of treatments, especially when you disagree with him on some issues. We are living here like some aliens from another planet under this wicked Chief Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu,” one of the residents, who gave his name as Quansah stated.

Quansah also hails from the Yego Royal Family.

He added “Most of the youth who criticise him are summoned to the Palace and the chief demands, Schnapps, cements and sheep unreasonably when he knows very well that the boys don’t have any jobs doing. His actions have caused a lot of young boys and girls to leave the area.”

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Reacting to these allegations Chief Akonu said “These allegations are laughable and do not carry any weight.

They claim I have sold huge acres of land; my Dear journalists did you see any huge acres of land when you visited the site? This is a 12 X 12 plot of land and I want to make it clear here at the Palace as I sit here as the Paramount Chief Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu, Yego Family doesn’t own any land around here.

The land they are claiming ownership doesn’t belong to any Yego Family member.

The land was officially taken from the family so many years ago and it now belongs to the Enyan Abaasa traditional township.

Mr. Journalist better find something better to do with your time, we believe in law and order; we operate, rule and are guided by the Chieftaincy Act. A lot of families have released lands that have benefitted and continue to benefit the community people.

We have used these lands to build schools, hospitals and other things but when it gets to the turn of Yego to make way for Development you say you won’t allow.

….A lot of people have attempted to destroy me but I can assure them that they have failed. I had 15 people rising against me through all kinds of hidden agenda and I can assure Quansah and his Yego Family that this agenda is an exercise in futility.”

Nana Kwamena Akonu also confirmed the imposition of sanctions on the Yego Royal Family.

“Yes I have imposed sanctions and banned the Yego Family from burials because I have acted legally according to the National Chieftaincy Act that states that If You Misbehave, You Must Be Suspended

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The residents further revealed that the long standing disputed land has recently made living and making family very uncomfortable because the Chief has warned everybody in the community to back off the land issues when he knows very well that he is doing the wrong things.

These issues came to light when a team of investigative Journalists got wind of the Enyan-Abaasa land issues that have long created unnecessary royal tensions and decided to dig into the matter.

Nana Dzaase stated during the probing by the journalists on Sunday at the Palace that:

“Yes, we sold the parcel of land in front of the Enyan Abaasa Community Market for GHC1,800 (Old Currency 18 Million Cedis) but the Family Head who represented the Yego Family knew about this transaction. I work for Osagyefo Kwamena Akonu and he was also aware of the transaction. The Yego Family Head Ebusuapanyin was given GHC600 as their share or compensation on behalf of the Yego family. The Queenmother of the Yego Royal Gate, Obaahema Nana Kwebu is also aware of the sale of the land.”

The Queenmother of the Yego Royal Gate, Obaahema Nana Kwebu, who also appeared before the Palace arbitration narrated that the entire market area was given to the Methodist Church by Yego’s ancestors.

“The concession was used as a cemetery by the Methodist Church but it was later handed over to the Yego Family and the Yego Family owns it till date. On what I know about the sale of the land, I remember my Ebusuapanyin brought some money to the family but he refused to mention where it came from. It was later that I got to know upon my invitation by my Ebusuapanyin to come to the Palace for some discussions,” Obaahema Nana Kwebu recounted.

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However, media investigations revealed that the land was sold by Nana Dzaase through the connivance of the Yego Family Head (Ebusuapanyin) without the entire consent of the custodians of the land, the Yego Royal Gate.

The Yego Ebusuapanyin is currently battling some chronic sickness and has since remained incapacitated to follow or even talk about the land matters.

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