The joy that run through the hearts of the black Queens ladies and female football enthusiasts after the final whistle despite the loss to Namibia, was as deep as the ocean to know what they have achieved for themselves over period of unsuccessful campaigns.

After five years of colossal absence Ghana is back to the top pyramid of Abraham Maslow’s need of actualization claiming their lost stool among Africa’s best- being the first defeat the Queens were tasting, having gone ten games without a blip largely depicts the invaluable work Nora Huptle the Black Queens coach has done with the abdicated Queens.

The Swedish trainer came in when everything was all doom and gloom, with the Queens going through trenches of misery. However, today, the coming of Nora Huptle has signaled the new dawn of Ghana’s women’s football. Far and away, Nora has become the biggest Jewel in what had been Black Queens’ Pandora box.

Ghana Black Queens had become a pale shadow of themselves indifferent to the medieval days in the 90’s when Ghana was mentioned as one of the nations making enroutes in women football.Weirdly a few years on, all the nations who had not dreamt and even started women football surpassed Ghana pushing Ghana down radar.

All this could be alluded to obvious administrative lapses and latent attention giving to women’s football and the female national team.Today, Nora Huptle with her brilliant tactical disposition and technical acumen has navigated the Black Queens back to the pinnacle of Africa football in glorious manner.

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Nora Huptle has brought more than expected to the team and her revival of what was seemingly becoming the defunct Black Queens is utterly astronomical.To that end, i am convinced the decision of hiring Nora will go down as one of the best moments of the Kurt Okraku administration and it will top some of the lists within his achievements among other issues.

The most striking element about the team, is the series of clean sheets they chalked before the Namibia game.Now qualification has been achieved but there is much to look out for as the team would be embarking on their first afcon since 2018.

I want to hope the nation will give the ladies the needed motivation both extrinsically and intrinsically to put them in the right thinking frame of mind just so they are able to continue with fine performance.

Nora Huptle has surpassed all women. Congrats Black Queens.

Article by Nana Preko Bimpeh

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