We’re in that season again where parents go through hustling and bustling to fend for their wards as they embark on their senior high school journey. This season is usually a strenuous one for parents because they need to go through thick and thin to acquire school materials for that educational journey. Raising money at this time is like pulling hair out of your nostrils.

It is also the season where we stream into the Christmas time therefore parents would have to think about money for house keep and yuletide activities to make the home happy. Without a doubt there is no moment as challenging for parents as this to navigate. It becomes even more arduous when you are a single parent who has to go through this alone.

The rather mind boggling matter is the tight schedule by the ministry of education to go report to school for a short period and return within that space of period. Interestingly, amidst all the turbulent times parents whether rich or destitute would push the limits to get what will be needed for that child or children’s success. As the old adage goes education is the key to success.

It is in this parental regard of struggles that these children would have to glean from it as a cue to push in their limits to learn to achieve or fulfill the goal or purpose for being in the school.

sometimes notwithstanding the mountains parents would have climb to make their children’s life a meaningful one for putting them in school, these children go and form unproductive friendships who in turn engage in unscrupulous activities that later blight their career or life.

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Weirdly, today, our senior high schools have become a citadel of immoralities, unscrupulous behaviours and things that don’t align with the vision and the purposes they have been sent there for.

Whilst some girls are learning some strange kinds of gaits to attract men, others are also learning how to cut their uniforms to a certain length to portray certain kinds of habits. Whereas some boys are pulling their shorts down, others are learning to hop like the toad cloaking and straddling to its habitat all to portray one expression we have in our Ghanaian lexicon ‘guy’ ‘guy’.

Many of these immoralities and unproductive friendships and behaviours these children who supposedly have come from humble backgrounds and good homes have rendered the hard earned investment of parents futile.

Peer group influence by every stretch is a major worry for the children however, if you are cognizant of your background and the toils your parents must have defied to get you yo school to better yourself and future, there must not be any room to joke with your studies.

David after graduating from the university of shepherds took to the palace the dress he wore to the bush all the time just so he doesn’t forget where God has brought him to and where he was going.

As a child and a student your ultimate goal is to learn and pass your exam to make your parents proud. For all you know your may not have had this opportunity they are offering you thus you ought not to kid with it. New students your parents are counting on you to bring them the glory they may not have had personally, they are counting on you to take the family to a newer level, to break the poverty cycle, to bring joy home so that in the end they will not regret over the investments they ventured in you.

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Go break a leg and return unscratched after all you went there and will return individually but what you return home with is the outmost responsibility and that will tell what you went to school to do.

Article by Nana Yaw Preko Bimpeh

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