Obaapa Gladys - Cobra Remix

In a harmonious fusion of talent and devotion, the renowned gospel artist Obaapa Gladys has taken her acclaimed track, “Cobra Remix,” to new spiritual heights. This time, she collaborates with the soulful and anointed Nhyira Betty, often celebrated as the Female Nations Worshipper, to deliver a gospel version of Cobra Remix.

Gospel Version brings together two powerful voices in the gospel music scene. Obaapa Gladys, known for her heartfelt Warning and inspirational melodies, joins forces with Nhyira Betty, a worship leader recognized for her soul-stirring renditions that connect with the hearts of listeners.

The gospel version of “Cobra Remix” elevates the message of the original track, infusing it with spiritual depth and Warning. Through heartfelt lyrics and soulful harmonies, Obaapa Gladys and Nhyira Betty invite listeners to be more watchful and careful with people around them. The partnership between Obaapa Gladys and Nhyira Betty amplifies the warning message, providing solace and encouragement to those who listen.

“Cobra Remix” Gospel Version stands as a testament to the transformative and unifying power of gospel music. Obaapa Gladys and Nhyira Betty’s collaboration beautifully intertwines their gifts to create a melody that transcends boundaries, fostering a sense of community and spiritual renewal for all. Share the music to friends and family to be more watchful.

Streaming Music – https://linktr.ee/obaapagladys

Website – https://obaapagladys.com/

Contact: 0249178117

Email: info@obaapagladys.com

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