Author: A Concerned Security Expert

Appointing security officials with no security background can have several implications on the general safety of citizens and instilling public trust in government institutions.

It is therefore glaringly suicidal to see the likes of the Narcotic Control Commission (NACOC) Boss, Kenneth Adu Amanfoh occupying such position all because his father was a military man.

Kenneth Adu Amanfoh eversince his appointment as the NACOC Commissioner continue to unprofessionally demonstrate that he lacks essential knowledge of security protocols, threat assessment, and emergency response strategies, potentially compromising the safety and protection of individuals and assets.

It is also sad to note that additionally, his unfamiliarity with security industry best practices has led to ineffective security measures and increased vulnerability to security breaches at the NACOC.

As a trained security expert, I am humbly appealing to the President to sack this autocratic and clueless NACOC Boss Kenneth Adu Amanfoh.

The latest development where it has been reported on Ghanaweb that he has attacked his wife with armed men wielding Riffles just to have access to his children tells it all.

The Ghanaweb report had the caption “Narcotics Control Commission Boss Allegedly ‘Attacks’ Wife In Attempt To Take Custody Of Children”.

According to the report filed by on December 24, 2023, the Director of the Narcotics Control Commission, Kenneth Adu Amanfoh, in an attempt to forcibly take his children from his estranged wife, left Mrs. Adu Amanfoh with a deep cut to the wife’s hand in Kwadaso Estate, a suburb of Kumasi.

The episode saw a bystander intervene, rescuing the woman and her children, who sought refuge in a nearby church.

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In an account to Luv News, Mrs. Adu Amanfoh described the moment when a black Landcruiser intercepted her car, and armed men forced her out and to the ground.

“The four men were all armed, wearing desert security camouflage uniforms, with face masks.

…They carried pistols and a rifle. It was when Kenneth stepped out that I identified him as my husband.”

Can you just imagine the trauma the NACOC Boss and his goons unleashed on the children?

In any case, there are laws and institutions like Social Welfare and DOVVSU that guide both husbands and wives if any party has the intention to take the custody of their children.

Why should the taking of one’s children from a wife warrant the use of gun Riffles, just because you are in charge of a public security institution?

In the same light, a credible news report by AMAGHANA ONLINE exposed NACOC Boss Kenneth Adu-Amanfoh.

It was reported that he has shown less commitment in bringing some alleged criminals involved in a drug shipment business to book.

A Tema-based Billionaire, Emmanuel Kwame Ackah was arrested upon intelligence and the earlier arrest of Smilis Jojo Clegg, his errands boy, who attempted to traffic about 512.5 kilos of marijuana valued at several millions of pounds from Ghana over to the UK to his Boss, who was then awaiting the packages through the Federal Express (FeDex) Airport Residential Area Branch.

This incident happened around the Month of August.

Emmanuel Kwame Ackah was arrested at the Kotoka International Airport on 6th August 2023 upon his arrival from the UK to Ghana.

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It emerged from our fact-finding tailing that a Cold Store Company Trust Link Ventures, is allegedly being used to whitewash and legitimise drug activities of the Billionaire owner and CEO Emmanuel Kwame Ackah.

Kenneth Adu Amanfoh has demonstrated so far that overall, hiring individuals without a security background like him smacks of a major security breach and a useless venture.

This man suffers an integrity crisis and we are not the least baffled at all because of how he found his way into a top security position of because of the connections of his soldier father.

Kenneth Adu Amanfoh lacks the necessary knowledge and expertise to effectively handle security-related issues.

This has led to ineffective decision-making and potentially compromising the safety and security of people who encounter NACOC.

Kenneth Adu Amanfoh has a limited understanding of security protocols because he has implemented ineffective or outdated security measures, leaving vulnerabilities unaddressed.

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