Nii Kwabena Bonnie & Jacob Osei Yeboah
Nii Kwabena Bonnie & Jacob Osei Yeboah

Author: Jacob Osei Yeboah || 2012, 2016 Independent/Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate

“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come,” Victor Hugo 1852.

Ghana and Africa, the IDEA of Nonpartisan Governance System (NGS) has come.

In remembering the 75th anniversary on January 12, 2024, of the cosmic energy exuded by our heroic traditional leader, NII KWABENA BONNIE, Osu Alata Mantse who masterminded the boycott of British goods which instigated the fight for our Independence.

We are just re-engineering our own democracy to change the political structure to help us govern culturally with self-understanding.


We need a type of elections that conform to constitutionalism for the sake of universal adult suffrage and the fact that sovereignty resides in each Ghanaian and there should be an avenue to exercise our respective sovereignties to choose who should lead us as a nation.

Political Parties are neocolonialism divide and rule tool by imperialist nations corrupting, controlling, and plundering the wealth of our nations.

We need to find a credible alternative replacement for the political parties’ system that encapsulates Ghana First Coalition (GFC) and Representative for the entire voting population.
We will need councils that could replace the political parties and that are quite representative to the people to assess aspirants to meet the aspirations of these councils for Ghanaians.

The 5 suggested councils are;
A. Traditional Council
B. Religious Council
C. Trade and Business Council
D. Youth Council
E. Professional Council

The visions of Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates respectively should garner majority votes with these councils at the national and districts level before being qualified to be voted upon by the electorates.

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Prospective MPs should have worked or voluntarily worked at least 2 years with respective MMDAs for the constituencies. The EC would finally qualify the aspirants to be voted upon.
This system will create nonpartisan parliament where MPs will truly represent their respective constituencies in parliament and not their parties with this current deceptive multiparty democracy.

It is, however, not too late to re-align politics with our socio-traditional nobility to cure the poor judgement of partisan polarization by embracing the spirit of compatriotism in order to reposition Ghana on her missed providential trajectory.

Ghanaians, our close neighbour Benin, is trending about economic development in Benin spearheaded by the 3rd consecutive term Independent/Nonpartisan President Patrice Talon from 2016.

Thomas Yayi Boni was brought to the political scene as Independent Presidential Candidate in 2006 (and he governed two terms to 2016). This was the period when the Beninese became disillusioned by their two leading political parties, just like in Ghana now in 2024, how Ghanaians have been disillusioned by the governance and being disrespected by the choices of Presidential Candidates of NPP-NDC coupled with their incompetent twin corrupt and ginormous debt burden brought to Ghanaians and the next generation youth.

However, the duopoly NPP-NDC is of the firm belief that their created partisan cauldron engulfing Ghanaians will not give them clear understanding, and Ghanaians have no sense of such good judgement like Beninese.

The NPP-NDC says it openly on radio stations to assert their belief in most constituencies. Especially, NPP-NDC opines “in the Ashanti and Volta regions in particular when you drape even a sheep in NPP colours in Ashanti region or NDC colours in the Volta region, the voters in these regions will vote for the sheep”. This means NPP-NDC believes that voters in these constituencies or two regions in particular do not have a sense to distinguish between a human being and a sheep. What! Isn’t it? Yes, it is NPP-NDC belief. Even a sheep can identify another sheep draped in NPP-NDC colours, which is a sad, descriptive reality.

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But this year in 2024 elections Ghanaians will have the chance to prove NPP-NDC right or wrong of the above belief, whether Ghanaian voters have good judgment or poor judgment in voting for either of them or we will vote for any Independent Candidate, especially, Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY), who has been consistent since 2010 that NPP-NDC has outlived their usefulness to Ghana’s development and peace but they have reinforced their neocolonialism mindset that they are indeed Ghana’s New Colonial Masters and both handle Ghanaians and our wealth even worse than the British. 2024 is a year for Ghanaians to vote for our socioeconomic freedom, just as Benin did in 2006 to save themselves from bloodshed and corruption and have consistently developed in peace as per the video.

Remember, in 2024 December elections, your vote is your wisdom, and that’s how the world will see Ghanaians.

As a nation, let us rise above the only recent 70-year-old political wilderness to realign our thoughts to our ancient ancestral values that protected the various communities we have aggregated to present-day Ghana.

It is a travesty of justice and indeed a great error that we’ve missed this opportunity twice in our history. The nonpartisan system was termed a One-Party state in 1965 during Dr. Nkrumah and Union Government/ UNIGOV in 1977 during Ignatius Kutu Acheampong.

But what made the 44th President of USA, Barack Obama, opined on July 11, 2009 that the 21st century will be shaped by what will happen in Accra, Ghana, is the RE-ENGINEERING of NONPARTISAN GOVERNMENT SYSTEM (NGS) that Ghanaian youth will embrace for Africa.


We can not play the ostrich as it is self-evident that the multiparty democracy is wreaking havoc on our very existence, national security, environmental destruction, generational debt burden, and our mental well-being.

The NGS is now. Yes, we can. Let’s allow the five councils to replace political parties. Yes, we can , and let’s honour our heroic forebears. Yes, we can, who sacrificed and shed their blood for our freedom. Yes, we can come on December 7, 2024.

BY: Jacob Osei Yeboah
2012 & 2016 Independent/Nonpartisan Presidential Candidate

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