The 4th quarter 2023 edition of the “Ghana Business Sustainability Report”, published by Sustineri Attorneys PRUC, a client-centric boutique law firm specializing in Corporate, Transactions, Tax, and Disputes has been released.

Among the key highlights of this edition is an in-depth exploration of the regulatory framework governing energy-related matters in Ghana. The report scrutinizes aspects such as power generation, distribution, renewable energy, and customer service, shedding light on the current regulatory landscape.

Also, the report delves into the growing importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, providing guidance on how businesses in Ghana can integrate these principles into their day-to-day operations for long-term sustainability.

Under the section on Labour and Employment updates, the report examines the emerging trend of “Talent-as-a-Service,” offering insightful perspectives on effective employee management in the evolving dynamics of the contemporary business environment.

Businesses seeking new markets will find strategic insights in the report on leveraging the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Additionally, it sheds light on the emerging trend of the “Circular Economy” and provides practical advice on sustainable office management practices.

Another crucial aspect covered in the report is compliance with construction standards in Ghana and an industry spotlight on the recent launch of a new PET bottle for Malta Guinness by Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited.

Download a copy of the report using the link provided below:

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