Renown Gospel musician Obaapa Christy is out with a mind blowing brand new song titled It Will Change (Ebesesa).

Released today Thursday, February 1 titled the song is meant to encourage everyone not to give up no matter the situation they are going through.

“We are in hard times and people are going through a lot. After Covid-19, a lot has changed and most people are not having it easy. This song gives hope to the hopeless.

The words in it are encouraging enough to make you know God is with you and will change your situation for you” she revealed.

The song comes with a very expensive video shot by Skyweb in Ghana. Obaapa Christy has been around for more than 20 years and she says she wants to be around for a very long time.

Last year she held a concert to mark her 20th Anniversary.

According to the Metease hitmaker, Gospel musicians are not angels and are likely to make mistakes so the best is to pray for them instead of chastising them and saying all sorts of things that dampen their spirits.

“Sometimes I hear not too good comments about gospel musicians when their issues come up. There is no point in rejoicing in someone’s downfall. In as much as we are gospel musicians we are mere mortals and we are bound to make mistakes.

Some media men and Ghanaians dwell on the negatives instead of focusing on the positive aspects” she said in an interview.

Touching on other matters, Obaapa Christy said gospel musicians should place value on themselves so that they are paid well.

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“I always say that when you place value on yourself no event organiser will pay you any amount they want but rather give you what you are due.

I have done over this over 20 years for anyone to pay me any amount. I am paid what I am due and that is because I am worth it” she said.

There have been debates whether gospel musicians should charge for their services and Obaapa Christy says she is 100 percent in support that gospel musicians should be paid well.

“We pay bills and other expenses so yes I support the fact that we need to be paid for our services be it at church or wherever we find ourselves. Paying studio fees and backup singers does not come free” she said.

Her manager Kwame Owusu said Obaapa is planning to release an album later this year.

Songs she has to her credit are The Glory, Wagye Me, W’ asue Me, Bo Abrabo Papa, Hyebre Sesafo, Destiny Changer, Woa Maa, Mesuafre Awurade.

She won Best Female Vocal performance, Gospel Artist of the Year and Best Collaboration of the Year at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards pleading with Ghanaians to take it easy on gospel musicians when their issues come up.

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