The Overall Head of the Abrankor Stool Nsona Royal Family Ebusuapayin Ekow San Breniu has drawn the attention of the Central Regional House of Chiefs, the Abura Traditional Council, and all Abura Chiefs to certain unfortunate events that have happened in recent times that need to be addressed swiftly.

According to the family, one Kofi Atta who is now parading himself as the Omanhene of the Abura traditional area under the stool name Nana Otu, has engaged in certain activities including the wholesale and indiscriminate selling of the stool lands to corporate bodies and other Developers without regard to the family.

The issue of parading himself as the Omanhene, the family said, is pending before the Central Regional House of Chiefs and therefore would not like to comment on it because of legal matters.

Secondly, the family said Kofi Atta had desecrated the stool by organizing thugs to break into the stool room, leading to a gross disrespect to the ancestors and a complete embarrassment to the family which needs serious purification.

The Family said KofI Atta has allowed unauthorized persons to enter the Royal mausoleum to bury his mother instead of the Baumu people who are by custom the Rightful people to enter the mausoleum, saying it is not only a taboo but also an insult to the family as a whole.

That, the family said, also needs purification.
“Kofi Atta is so power hungry that he is on record to have openly confessed to organizing the physical and the spiritual killing of those who have opposed his position and there is a recording on that with the hired killer confessing and agreeing to spill the beans whenever and wherever invited.

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The said recording is attached and shall be played as and when necessary to play it. We are all at risk,” the Family stated.

The Family continued that Kofi Atta had unilaterally demolished the old palace built over 400 years ago, bringing disgrace to the Family.

Meanwhile, the family said the old palace building was antique and the pride of Aburaman.

“Nananom, Abura traditional area, Asafohenfo and the good people of Abura, The Abrankor stool Nsona Royal Family Headed by the overall head of family Ebusuapanyin Ekow Obrenu Sam and the entire sectional heads of the various branches of the stool family of Abakrampa Abura Dunkwa Akropong, Kormaatse, Anomabo and Ampenyi will like to state categorically to the Nananom and the people of Abura Traditional area.

That the family of Abrankor Stool Headed by Ekow Brenu Sam, will not accept any imposter’s whims and caprices,” the Family stated.

It continued,” We are appealing to the Chiefs and the good people of Abura that we will not bring any Ohene a )b) mm)kwa. We would like to plead with Nananom and the good people of Abura to please bear with us.

We have a lot of good things coming for you, the good people of Abura, so you should please exercise some patience and wait for the good times to come.”

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