Head of the Saisi Clan of Kodiabe in the ShaiOsudoku District, Jaase Tetteh Adabang II, has warned the General Public against purchasing land from Asafoatse Teijahene a self-appointed owner of the Shai lands in the Greater Accra Region.

He has also cautioned the Land Registration Division of the Lands Commission to halt the registration of all Shai lands in the name of Asafoatse Teijahene.

At a press conference at Kodiabe, Jaase Tetteh Adabang II abetted by other opinion leaders of the Shai State, stated that the Shai state in 2004 initiated moves with correspondence from the Divisional Authorities for investigation and confirmation to register the Shai land at the Lands Commission.

He said at the time, Asafoatse Teijahene had no document of ownership over the land, hence approval was given by the Lekpeje Divisional Authority for the lands to be registered after investigations proved that all the lands in the Shai State were family lands including the Suncity land which belongs to the Agblezey Family.

The Opinion Leader, noted that, notwithstanding, Asafoatse Teijahene continues to threaten legitimate land owners who bought lands from the Shai State with court orders thereby extorting moneys from them.

“Asafoatse returned to the Suncity land after some weeks to tell the owners of the same Suncity Land that the same portion from which we have sold to them belongs to him. When we confronted him over what he told the owners of the SuncityLand, he said he went to check up on the workers when he realized there was some development going on,” he noted.

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Jaase Tetteh Adabang II asserted that in 2007, the Suncity Developer was served with writ from the court by Asafoatse indicating that he was the rightful owner of the said Suncity land.

He added that the leaders of the Shia state follow through with the court proceedings with the Judge asking Asafoatse to provide proof of ownership which he could not produce at the time. The developer then decided to pay him off his back so as to continue with his Estate Development project which was racing against time.

He further noted that the Shai state was astonished when Asafoatse Teijahene went back to court to claim that the whole Lekpeje land belongs to him.

“Our current land size is 59,000 acres. He unlawfully developed a geographic plan claiming ownership of over 100,000 acres. The plan covered lands in Jorpanya all through the entirety of Kodiabe, Agomeda, Luom, Bondase and some portions of Doryumu lands,” he added.

According to the Leader, several attempts of Asafoatse Teijahene to register the said portion of land with the Lands Commission was met with fierce resistance from their lawyers who wrote to the commission with facts and Data on the unlawful attempt to claim ownership and possession of the lands by Asafoatse Teijahene.

The Shai State is therefore calling on the Government, the Ghana Police Service and the National Security to urgently intervene in the dispute over the ownership of the Shai lands so as to prevent mayhem in the near future.

The Shai State further advised the public to desist from buying Land from Asafoatse Teijahene as anyone or group of people who disregard this information may be doing so at their own peril.

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