John Dramani Mahama’s promise to restore the original names of universities renamed by President Akufo-Addo, as it were, overlooks the broader context and purpose behind the renaming initiative.

Undoubtedly, renaming institutions is not uncommon since they are meant to reflect evolving national narratives, commemorate historical figures, or emphasize a university’s specialization.

President Akufo-Addo’s decision to rename certain universities was likely driven by a desire to honor and recognize the contributions of specific individuals to the nation’s development.

Furthermore, reversing these name changes could be perceived as politically premature and divisive.

To NPP Germany, John Mahama risks undermining the legitimacy of the current administration’s decisions and could disrupt institutional stability.

Instead of focusing on symbolic gestures, the opposition should prioritize substantive policies and reforms aimed at improving higher education quality, accessibility, and relevance to the needs of Ghanaian society.

Sorry to say, the renaming of institutions will not put any food on the table of Ghanaians. John Mahama should learn from the NPP and open the political discourse to true impactful economic policies that has the potential to turn the financial and economic advancement of the lives of Ghanaians.

Rather than engaging in symbolic gestures, the opposition should focus on substantive policies and reforms aimed at improving higher education quality, accessibility, and relevance to the needs of Ghanaian society.

Renaming universities should not be the primary concern when addressing the challenges facing the education sector.

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It is imperative that we reflect on the shortcomings of our leaders to ensure a better future for all citizens.

John Mahama has stopped realising that his past administration failed to prioritize the needs of the people.

In another breadth, John Mahama is preaching and ranting about the current state of the Ghana Black Stars.

Under John Mahama, Ghana was disgraced globally because we witnessed in 2014 Brazil World Cup where 3.5 Million Dollars was carried in a private jet to be shared by the GFA and Black Stars players because the players had refused to play.

At that point in time, there was a whole commission of inquiry, the Dzamefe Commission, that made known their recommendations but nothing was done about it under John Mahama.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, the main architect of that corruption was given a new position and was pampered at the Presidency.

John Mahama allowed corruption to thrive unchecked, squandering resources meant for essential services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

This negligence resulted in crumbling schools, inadequate healthcare facilities, and dilapidated roads.

Furthermore, the past NDC government under John Mahama administered economic policies that favoured the elite, widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

They failed to create equitable opportunities for all citizens, leaving many languishing in poverty while a select few amassed immense wealth through unethical means.

Till today, it is evident in all dimensions that John Mahama lacks foresight and planning.

He is seeking to only come back to continue his wanton dissipation of resources that left us vulnerable to unforeseen widespread financial challenges.

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We cannot afford to repeat the mistakes of the past by voting back the NDC and their INCOMPETENT John Mahama into the reigns of political power.

We will continue to urge the good people of Ghana to vote for Dr. Bawumia and NPP to break the 8 in order to retain the NPP so that the next NPP administration in the helm of governance will continue to give off its best.

We Say KUDOS to Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government!!!

Let The Truth Confound The Wise……

Long Live Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo!!

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!!!

Long Live the Elephant Party!!!!

Kukruduuuu Eeeessshiii!!!!


Nana Osei Boateng

NPP Germany Branch

Communications Director

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