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Hello my good friend, how are you doing? Feels great to be back again to continue with our weekly chats. By the way, I hope that episode two, which was last week’s release, have been helpful – offered some little understanding with respect to our brain’s structure and it’s influence on our behavior.

I must also admit that, these recent write-ups on the topic of stress have offered me a good opportunity to check and work on myself.

The truth is that, everyone is under some form of stress in the world we find ourselves in today – no one is free from it. But it’s the degree, nature, intensity of the situation that triggered the stress and the individual’s mental fortitude or strength to overcome, that might differ from person to person.

This point must be made and I want to be frank as much as possible; we abuse ourselves mentally more than anyone has abused us in our lives. Most of the mental torments people go through are mostly self inflicted – all in the head.

No one can save you unless you save yourself, so constantly training your brain to stay strong in the face of any adversity, is a great thing to do. And that has been another reason that has motivated me to write about this mental condition called stress – our common foe.

Indeed, it’s a condition that must be addressed, so that we can educate and conscientize the masses, thereby helping ourselves to be able to take the necessary precautions – fight stress when it bares it’s fangs.

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I spoke about two levels of the mind influencing our behavior last week and went further to give some explanations, as has being laid down by psychologists, specifically referencing the Psychoanalytic School of Thought, propounded by Sigmund Freud.

The Conscious and Subconscious minds were the two levels I talked about, because time didn’t allow us to keep the conversation running (decided not to bore you with too much reading).

Please, permit me some time today to talk about the last level which is known as the Unconscious Mind. But, before I touch on that, I would want to urge you on to read more literature or informative materials, that focus on stress and the human mind or brain. There are countless resources online that can be of great help to you.

Please remember that, we live in an information age and every information you need is at your disposal. Being ignorant about a subject matter in this day and age, is indeed a personal choice. Okay, that being said, let’s roll now to the last level. The Unconscious Mind, as the name implies, operates on the principle of ‘lack of awareness’.

This simply refers to the inner workings of the mind that occur below our awareness. It encompasses all those unwanted thoughts that have been forgotten by an individual. See the unconscious mind as a huge dump, where all thoughts regarded as trash are sent.

All those thoughts or experiences that an individual has deliberately decided to forget about or delete from the mind or memory are deposited in the unconscious mind. Consider this, just like the recycling bin of a computer where deleted or unwanted documents are sent.

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Information suppressed in our unconscious mind could be for example a haunting thought that causes distress, anytime it’s awareness pops up. For example; a rape or a fatal accident can be an experience that an individual would want to forget about.

Such thoughts are suppressed, kept away from anything to do with awareness or consciousness, so that one can concentrate on more positive thoughts that are uplifting.

Dear friend, please note that, it is the Interplay between the three levels of the mind and having an in depth understanding about them that give one the strength to control thoughts processes that may be unproductive to one’s overall mental health.

It’s true that the unconscious mind is outside of our awareness but it still continues to have an influence on human behavior. For example; negative thoughts, anger, relationship problems, childhood behavior problems amongst many, are byproducts of information suppressed in our unconscious mind.

Freud maintained that, although the unconscious mind is predominantly inaccessible, the contents therein can sometimes emerge unexpectedly. This can occur in the form of dreams or slips of the tongue.

The human mind is like a two edged sword, capable of constructing wonders and also causing a lot of destruction. Your reality can be changed if you don’t control your thought processes. It’s one’s awareness of how the mind operates, that will determine how he or she responds to mental threats, as in, how to confront what we have been discussing for sometime now; that thing called stress.

All it takes is a seed of thought to drop into your conscious mind or your awareness and the brain can be messed up for the rest of your life – plunged into mental chaos. How we use the brain and what keeps our concentration active are very crucial.

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The balance between thoughts and actions is of vital importance. Wherever your concentration or thought is directed, determines what experiences shall be birthed – be it positive or negative.

The mind is a very powerful organ responsible for our proper functioning as humans and understanding or having a fair knowledge about it’s influences on our behavior is of vital importance. I want to reiterate my advise earlier; please read more materials online, focus on those that talk about the human mind and behavior – I’m sure you will be well informed.

I’m glad you made time to allow me to have this conversation with you. I said we will learn together and I believe I’m doing my layman’s best to share bits and pieces of information with you. Thanks for your time my dear friend, much appreciated and kind regards.
See you next week for another conversation, stay safe and be good. Bye!

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