Author: Sammy Heywood Okine

The Ubuntu Equip Coaching programme has been launched yesterday Friday, March 1, 2024 at the British Council in Accra.

The platform which is an innovation for self development created by a Ghanaian family based in the USA led by its president, Mrs. Sylvia Akwaboah, and co-founders Baruch and Jed Akwaboah of Soccer for Dreamers fame supported by their dad, Peter is a concept to empower Ghanaian and African youth.

The Ubuntu Equip Coaches which is supported by Fidelity and FBN Banks is essentially to make the African youth be able to compete with their peers all over the world, especially at the work place and in the communities.

Ubuntu Equip is a groundbreaking, free educational initiative that seeks to transform, empower and mold the next generation of African leaders.

This program seeks to present all students with leadership and personal development training, equipping them with essential skills, fostering leadership attributes, financial literacy, time management, entrepreneurship and civic responsibility.

Coined out of the word “Ubuntu”, which means “I am because we are”, Ubuntu, not just a term but a deep-seated belief that encourages us to recognize our interconnectedness.

At its core, Ubuntu teaches us that our well-being is linked to the well-being of others. This philosophy is the guiding principle and the heart of the Ubuntu Equip Coaching program.

Imagine it as a journey that goes beyond the classroom; where we not only help individuals develop leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal skills but also emphasize the importance of working together for a better community.

When one person succeeds, we all benefit. So, Ubuntu Equip is more than just coaching; it’s a shared effort to uplift everyone and foster a sense of responsibility, leadership, and a strong community spirit.

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With a mission to empower, Ubuntu Equip does not solely focus on acquiring academic skills but extends its reach to the core of personal and societal empowerment.

Beyond the traditional scope of education, this program delves deep into the intricacies of personal development, fostering traits such as resilience, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.

Sports journalist, Ms. Rosalind Amoh of the Graphic Communications who was Mistress of Ceremony at the launch which was well attended by teachers and coaches from various institutions explained the four Cs in the vision and mission of Ununtu to collaborate, communicate effectively in the communities, creativity and thinking critically to improve upon situations.

Madam Catherine Agyapomaa Appiah- Pinkra who was a special guest revealed that out of the 33 million population of Ghana about 10% are not in school or not had formal education, however most are very smart and need to be supported. She called for the provision of alternative learning skills and methods.

Mrs, Sylvia Akwaboah told the media in an interview that they targeted to support 20,000 students, but the number has increased to 25, 000 and with the aid of over 200 volunteers they hope to achieve their goals by using sports (football) to empower people.

“We are sowing seeds by investing in the youth who are the future leaders, we would appreciate that corporate Ghana supports as we cannot do it alone because the project has come to stay, education is the key” she expressed.

Founded in March 2022, Soccer For Dreamers is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering underserved youth through athletics.

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Initially started by three brothers in the USA, united by a commitment to giving back and supporting Ghanaian soccer players in realizing their dreams of achieving successful football careers, has since its inception undertaken a series of impactful projects on eradicating menstrual poverty, feeding, distributing soccer gear, dental hygiene, and, most recently, Ubuntu Mastery, encompassing our Ubuntu Online Academy and Ubuntu Equip Coaching program.

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