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Greetings and love my good friend!
It’s another brand new day and a relatively young month – we give thanks for life. I’m hopeful, that all is well with you and your loved ones. I’m also hopeful, that you are managing your stress levels very well.

Please, don’t ever feel tired if your mind is still running round in circles, dived deeply into confusion because of a stressful situation. You will be fine.

What you are going through is normal, proves you are human after all. Every survivor of mental chaos once upon a time went through same experiences.

Do this; just keep your mind busy with positive thoughts at all times. Deliberately do this repeatedly until all the confusing thoughts cease to trouble you. Try it out – practice brings perfection.
Follow this advise; you are the author of your own reality, so create a good one. You must first and foremost understand your situation or circumstance, then detect all potential threats as quickly as possible.

This will afford you the energy to neutralize them. You must have some form of self awareness at all times.

This will help you to gain insight, know yourself and have the mental clarity you are yearning for. You will conquer stress and all of it’s by products. By the way, I will touch on one today and it’s called Depression.
But, before I swing into that, let me tell you a short personal story. I believe that, it will help throw more light on the reasons for my recent write-ups dubbed “that thing called stress”.

Perhaps it will help you to understand why I believe that, educating ourselves as peers facing same challenges relating to our stressful lives and experiences is key – very important.
We lost our lovely mum unexpectedly, on July 13th 2023. She was 58 (fifty eight) years old at the time of her death. You will agree with me that naturally, every child has a mind that his or her mum or dad will grow old, before departing our realm called earth.

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Many of us have a certain mental picture of seeing our parents grow very old in future, before they pass on. But the truth is that, this perception does not come true for everyone.

My greatest fear came to pass because I had never envisaged or expected my mum to die at such a time but reality struck, it was a tragedy – the blow was massive. I had never imagined myself in a situation like that before.

Never thought that my mum will just vanish, but life as you know my good friend, is full of so many unknowns, so many uncertainties. So it did happen, lost our mum and this experience twisted my mind.

I was overwhelmed with streams of depressive thoughts – obviously there was a mental traffic. Many things were just moving to and fro in my head. I was swimming in a pool of mental confusion.

I was under intense mental pressure. I had lost touch with reality all of a sudden. I lost interest in everything, I became depressed subtly without even knowing.

The stressful nature of the situation I found myself, stole me without my attention. It was consuming my head – I was in self destruct mode.
This tragedy of mine gave me a different outlook about life and all of its accompanying events.

I began to ask pertinent questions and this led me to read on array of topics on mental health after my mum’s burial.

It was until recently that it dawned on me that, I was reading on byproducts of stress all along and not stress itself, which is rather the trigger for many, perhaps all of mental problems.

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Today’s conversation is meant to touch on one of the byproducts of stress which is depression, as I mentioned earlier.

Stress is the breeding grounds for depression and this is where I will focus my attention on.
What is depression from a psychological point of view?

I mentioned psychology because there are types of depression that can be caused by underlying medical health conditions like diabetes and that is not what I will be discussing or talking about.

My focus will be from a behavioral point of view, depression as induced by stress, be it chronic or acute.

I will once again refuse to bore you with long definitions, so I will break the definition down for easy comprehension – in simple layman’s terms.

Depression is simply chronic sadness or worry. The type of sadness or worry that has been in existence for quite a long time.

You must understand that, it is stress that brings about this mood disorder. Stress neutralizes a person’s ability to cope or keep under control mood problems.

Depression is a common mental crises often present among adolescents and adults, especially those living in metropolitan and urban centers where stressors are rife. Many people are not living life to the fullest as in experiencing life for what it is. “They are living in their minds” instead.

Every mental confusion we experience in life is a result of our own permission – we water our garden of negative thoughts, until the plants gain roots and begin to prosper.

We eventually become slaves to our own minds. We scream for help countless times, but our silent cries are not visible for others to see.

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We look okay outwardly, but deep down we are in mental crises, engrossed in psychological confusion that has no link with reality – our reality is turned upside down.

A pill from a doctor will not cure depression, you can only manage it but not uproot it. The inner workings of the mind especially when it comes to psychological disorders haven’t been clearly understood fully by modern science.

I believe this is so because, the human mind is a very powerful work of divine art, it’s our very existence – gives us meaning to keep living. The onus lies on you, to come to terms with the type of reality you want to create and experience. Remember that you are the author of your own reality.

I will draw the curtains here because of time. But I promise to talk more on depression in our next meeting. I do hope that this write-up has been helpful to you. I’m grateful that you also found time to read – you give meaning to what I do.
Adios! Take care!!

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