Supreme Court Judges
Supreme Court Judges

By Cyril Tetteh Laryea

He placed his life on the line in the events leading to the birth of the 4th Republican Constitution. One which has been the foundation upon which our dear country exists and has earned an enviable place among the best Democracies Globally. Must his death mark the beginning of the end of our dear countries  Democracy and must this sad event take place under the watch of this current generation?

I hope none will want to see that happen but I think if care is not taken the beginning of the end of the fourth Republican Democracy shall fall flat before us all and just as an egg fall and break with nothing to be salvage so shall our beautiful and enviable Democratic gains fall before us with nothing to salvage.

Yes, I see it COME but when, how, and where it shall begin from is what I do not know and can’t tell. The Father of the 4Th Republic was smeared with loads of bad mouthing and documentaries by some well-known media houses in Ghana some of which are still fresh on my mind as well as our minds.

The Father of the 4th Republic stood for Justice, Probity, and Accountability throughout his Political life, today he is GONE! Those who staged a walkout and didn’t play any meaningful role in Setting the Profile, Digging, and laying of the foundation blocks of our 1992 constitution are today in charge and we all are a witness to unfolding events I do not want to be seen as a Doomsday Prophet but one being very realistic based on current happenings.

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I want to humbly ask, are there Elders on this beautiful Land of ours? For me, my response is a big No! I ask this question because I expect them to see the Clouds Gathering, it surprises me the mute mode they all find themselves in! But when the RAINS begins it falls amidst Storms, Thunder, Flooding, and worst-case scenario uncontrollable disasters please bear in mind all of us shall not escape it.

I, therefore, think it shall be very prudent for our Elders to break their silence before what we have protected for all these decades falls and crush like an egg with nothing to Salvage. 

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