A vibrant group of Professional Masters of Ceremony (Emcees) called THE EMCEES NETWORK have today pledged their massive support to the Government and all stakeholders in the events space in Ghana’s fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

This pledge comes amidst recent spikes in covid-19 cases and the declaration by His Excellency Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana on Sunday 17th January 2021 that many of the new cases can be traced to events such as weddings, parties and other social events.

We have a collective responsibility as emcees to ensure that all guests, vendors and participants at our respective events are safe and protected against this deadly virus. As emcees we have to ensure the strict use of nose masks, sanitizers and hand wash stations at all times before and during the event. We also have a key responsibility to regularly announce and remind all present about the safety protocols that have to be strictly adhered to. Social distancing is mandatory and should be also strictly observed during all activities such as dancing, champagne popping, cake cutting etc. In effect, any other activity that hitherto demanded physical contact or removal of masks should be stopped ”. said Kafui Dey, Professional Emcee / Moderator

THE EMCEES NETWORK will collaborate with all Government / Health Institutions, Vendors and stakeholders in any way possible so as to ensure that everyone remains safe and the number of cases drastically reduce in the coming weeks.

According to Chrystal Kwame -Aryee, A Professional Female Emcee and Moderator, ‘’Although our jobs are often geared towards creating fun and indelible memories through activities, games and occasional dancing, we also understand that the health & safety of Ghanaians takes precedence over everything else. We will ensure that all protocols are strictly observed and that none of us does anything that will in any way or form catalyse the spread of this virus.’’

So far, there have been 352 deaths, over 58,000 total cases and about 2,000 active cases. This begs for everyone to actively get involved and contribute their quotas in ensuring that we put an end to this pandemic once and for all. Let’s Mask up, Sanitize, Wash our hands regularly, observe social distancing and above all stay safe.

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About The Emcees Network

The Emcees Network is an active group of Professional Emcees and Moderators from Ghana. It was formed in 2016 after several years of individual operations by it’s members. The network aims to help members improve on creativity, craft, professionalism and to give them easy access to opportunities and business. The network also engages in career training workshops, Corporate Social Responsibilities among other services that benefit the events industry and the Nation at large.

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