The mortal remains of JJ brought to mind as file passed his lifeless body that indeed “life can only be a gift from God: Life become more meaningful when it’s shared”.

JJ shared his life with Ghana since 1979. Some hearts continue to bleed because of him but other hearts continue to rejoice because him. But the most important thing and meaningfulness of life is when shared with people to make the world a better place than when one first met it.

JJ himself is a symbol of transformation from grass to grace. Being able to flexibly adjust to the reality of what life brought his way. “Barima beye bi na wonye no nyinaa”

Those who weird power now should understand as Charlie Chaplin said “so long as men die, liberty shall not perish”: so that our leadership should enhance the liberty principle mindset in Ghanaians.

Most people indeed said Papa J, does not believe in democracy, but studying him from afar with mostly pan Africanist mindset, JJ might have believed in a form of governance or a democracy that we as Ghanaians and Africans could have carved for ourselves.

On such occasion our heartfelt condolences go with the Widow HE. Nana Konadu and the children.

Papa J’s legacy that we need to uphold and espouse should be the mantra of truly Probity, accountability, transparency and Social Justice.

But a new dawn has begun for a new generation of leadership with total departure and much human development centred is horned. Let’s explore a governance system that is akin to our self understanding and self realization of who we are as Ghanaians.

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The moment more than ever for the 1992 constitutional amendment idea has come with JJ passing away with the end of generational political leadership.

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