Blakk Rasta is a household name in Ghana and, on the continent, having achieved enormous success with his several Pan African songs and messages. Bobi Wine, since 2017 has become a solid force musically and politically in Uganda and, globally.

He is the one most people believe won the 2021 presidential elections in Uganda which victory has been usurped by the 76-year-old Yoweri Museveni who has ruled Uganda for 35 years.

Blakk Rasta is disgusted by the dictatorial nature of Museveni whose regime has become synonymous with extrajudicial killings, high-handedness, corruption, and terror.

Coming on the backdrop of this, the Kuchoko Legend has joined hands with his Pan Africanist friend Bobi Wine, known officially as Robert Ssentamu Kyagulani, to record a hard-hitting struggle anthem for the youth uprising in Uganda.

The song, Bloody Museveni, is rich in melody and instrumentation. The guitars stand out and they blend Reggae with some Makosa injecting some rocky trumpets to drum home the sweet female harmonies serenading the angry voices of the two militant soldiers. HotMix did the production and the mix.

“When two of Africa’s most militant entertainers meet, hell is a BIG joke, ” said Blakk Rasta. “Anywhere Africa needs our attention, we don’t hesitate to rise to the occasion. Jah know!”

Blakk Rasta made a song for peace and equal rights in Cameroon just a month ago called Cameroon. He has recorded a number of such songs for Nigeria and other African countries talking against injustice and corruption. The Americans have not been spared his brunt as he descended on Donald Trump with Dumb Trump having previously made a global hit with Barack Obama, a song that launched his international prominence.

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Bloody Museveni will have you put it on repeat for several hours. It never gets boring. Uganda is on with an anthem which will be remembered for ages especially that Bobi Wine threatened an uprising, before the elections, if Museveni rigged the 2021 elections.

Check out the Lyrics


Reality time…
Blakk Rasta alongside Bobi Wine
Freeing up the people of Africa
Dash wey the fire!


Is not a leader
Bloody killer
What a misleader

Oh Uganda
Kick out this murderer
What a dictator
Fool fool leader


Oh Museveni
Museveni [2x]
Mister Satan

Oh Museveni
Museveni [2x]
Mister Charlatan

VERSE 1: [Blakk Rasta]

Run Run Run Run
Run Run Run, Museveni

Run Run Run, bwoy
Run Run Dutty Old Man

Ugandans cry… Museveni
Poor healthcare… Museveni
Water shortage… Museveni
You killing everyday… Museveni
Ali Baba thief…Museveni
Ugandan refugees.. Museveni
Bad education… Museveni
No freedom of speech.. Museveni

Run Run Run Run
Run Run Run, Museveni

Run Run Run, bwoy
Run Run Dutty Old Man



VERSE 2: [Bobi Wine]

United forces of change
The only way we a guh get a liberation (Again!)

United forces of change
Opposition must come together as one

Our people complaining night and day
They wonder why they continue to live this way

All we know that things can change some day
Only if only we want them to change anyway

Uganda, land of abundance
But Ugandans living in deficiency

Museveni wants life presidency
We must abandon that silly tendency

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Uganda rich but Ugandans poor
Because the leader is drunk on power

He runs nation like family affair
The citizens suffer but he don’t care




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