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The Northern Regional Vector Control Officer of Zoomlion, Mr. Abdul Aziz Yelsuma has assured the general public that the recent disinfection exercises across the country will help control the new Covid-19 variant cases which is currently on the rise in the country.

He noted that “The disinfection measure being undertaken by Zoomlion and its stakeholders coupled with the other protocols such as hand washing and the wearing of the face masks brought Ghana’s case count down last year and this same measure when upheld will control this new variant”

He said this during a disinfection exercise of the Tamale Airport and its facilities such as the arrival hall, departure hall, check in counters, ticketing offices, runway, tarmac among others.

Mr. Yelsuma said his assertion makes logic because ” If you were disinfecting and observing the protocols to record low cases last year, you don’t stop doing the same things that gave you the result but rather intensify and sustain them”.

He said Zoomlion Ghana Ltd currently has ultra modern fleet of vehicles and effective chemicals approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Ghana Health Services (GHS) to continue disinfecting facilities across the country to control the spread of the new Covid-19 variant.

“The Public needs to keep washing their hands, wearing the face masks, this coupled with Zoomlion’s improved capacity level to disinfect all kinds of facilities, this new Covid-19 variant will be the thing of the past” he pointed out.

Ghana started recording low active Covid-19 cases during the third quarter of last year.

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Some experts attributed this low case count to the improved disinfection of public facilities, wearing of face masks and frequent washing of hands.

Zoomlion Ghana Limited and its partners were at the forefront of disinfecting public places such as schools, police stations, markets, corporate institutions among others to control the spread of the Covid-19.

With sophisticated vehicles such as boom sprayers, atomizer, foggers, disinfection drones, street sweepers among others most public places benefited from Zoomlion’s disinfection activities.

The company recently engaged in a nationwide free disinfection exercise of communities which many have commended as an essential social service to control the spread of Covid-19 in our communities.

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