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The emerging paradigm of human security implications of homosexuality has been a great concern to Ghanaians in recent times. It is very germane to reflect on the psychosocial issue in terms of morality and security through the lens of human security.

In addressing this issue on one hand, human security is similar to the human rights component but on the other hand, human security has far – reaching practical implications from the perspective of peace, moral stability and national security. Human security focuses on human crisis that need practical intervention by both government and individuals without which it creates obstacles to human development in a Sovereign State.

The erotic attraction towards someone of the same sex and the gross violation of our cherished cultural and moral values as Ghanaians must be treated as “unGhanaian and unAfrican.”Our society frowns on this aspect of our so-called freedom.

Even though this trend of affairs might have resurrected in our boarding school system and gradually eroding our society does not make it absolutely right for individuals and groups to disrespect our Ghanaian values. The preservation of our national security including our human security as a people must prevail against the imposition of foreign cultures and values which are alien to our identity!

The spontaneous attacks and unacceptability of the three main religions in the country and all well-meaning Ghanaians against the activities of these groups must be a welcome call to maintain our identity as Ghanaians.

Though we must recognize the critical issues that LGBTQ face as they find themselves in this challenging life, it equally behooves us as a people to protect our national security vis-a-vis our human security.

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The Bureau of Security Advocacy & Consultancy (BUSACgh) applauds government initiatives to clamp down their activities in the country and publicly declare a “no safe haven” for them.

BUSACgh calls on all security stakeholders to aggressively advocate for the need to protect and maintain our territorial integrity and preserve our national and cultural values which transcend to our National Security.




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