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Director of the West African Center for Cell Biology of Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP), Professor Gordon Awandare was a guest on the Y Leaderboard Series as part of the stations mandate to inspire the youth through experience sharing.

He touched on exciting aspects of his childhood, upbringing, education, family, career, among other things.

Prof. Awandare in a riveting conversation with YFM’s Rev. Erskine shared that his family has been crucial in instilling in him the values of sacrifices and care for others.

“Being in a family where people genuinely care for each other and sacrifice for each other shapes your future and that is what shaped my future. It is that experience of being loved even in the midst of very modest circumstances. My grandfather used to get eggs from the fowls he had and boiled them for me every day. He made it a point to do that. My grandmother tried to make sure that I ate well and she was so protective of me that my parents thought I was too spoiled by my grandmother”, he said.

Reminiscing some of the childhood memories he had while growing up, he noted that there was no stress or traffic and “knowing that you are not missing out on anything brings the satisfaction of being very much at ease with what you have and what you can do”.

Commenting on his education, he revealed what inclined him to do science in school when he said: “I felt like I was not good at memorizing things. Science was more logical and I did not have to memorize like the arts so it became a very easy decision for me to make as I am definitely a more logical person”.

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He stated that after his education at The Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School (PRESEC), he furthered to the University of Ghana to pursue medicine. However, due to some reasons, he was unable to pursue that course and ended up studying biochemistry.

The Researcher spoke briefly about his PhD education in the United States and in his submission, he observed that the US had more practical ways of teaching while Ghana was more focused on theory. He however believes that gradually Ghana is getting closer to the practical ways of teaching and learning.

As a Founding Director of WACCBIP, he proposed that the private sector contributes to the funding of research facilities and that of educational institutions.

On his accord, a well-established innovation fund will go a long way to support the various underfunded research facilities and institutions in Ghana.

In his final words, the Professor encouraged all Ghanaian youths to “keep moving”. “You cannot give up or feel helpless. It will demotivate you if you feel helpless. Keep moving and looking for solutions”.

Programmes Manager of YFM Accra, Eddy Blay was enthused by the interview with Professor Awandare as he expressed: “We are very privileged to have hosted Prof. Awandare on the show. By all standards, he inspired our listeners with his story and vision and we are glad that was able to happen”.

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