Professor Extraordinaire Douglas Boateng

The man, Professor Douglas Boateng is an individual who has made it his sole effort not to take anything from the continent of Africa, but rather make an impact on it (African Continent) and put it on the path of self-sufficiency. He seeks to do so through his all-inclusive Supply Chain Management Compendium, the first in the world.

Having received his education in London, Professor Boateng as a patriotic citizen returned to the continent of Africa to help it achieve self-sufficiency and believes Ghanaians outside the country need to approach such territories with an open mind, ready to learn and adjust rather than boxing themselves in familiar territory.

Being a man of firsts, Professor Douglas Boateng, an avid writer was the first Ghanaian to have brought President Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa to the country and advocates for the continuous reading and writing of policymakers so they do not lose touch with the country’s reality.

The author of over 200 books does not write to make a profit but to change society and in that regard, gives out his books at no cost at all. “I will continue to write till I grow senile and forget my name”.

As the Board Chair of the Public Procurement Authority (PPA) who knows the implications on Ghana’s economy if its populace consumes locally manufactured products, admits, “I don’t know why we don’t take cocoa drinks in all institutions nationwide. Because if we do so, the people and our economy will thrive”.

Starting the MYO Global foundation (My Future, Your Future, Our Future) which seeks to inspire and mentor the youth into being patriotic and charting the path to entrepreneurship, Professor Douglas Boateng wants to be remembered for creating at least 10 Ghanaian billionaires using the country’s own resources. “Some of these billionaires should be women” as he believes empowered women contribute immensely to resolving a nation’s challenges.

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Speaking in an interview on Y107.9FM’s YLeaderBoard Series with Rev Erskine, the Professor advised the youth to focus on making a difference in any society they find themselves in, and just like the Bible says, all other things shall be added unto them.

The YLeaderBoard Series is a weekly segment on YFM’s ‘Myd Morning’ radio show with an objective to develop and inspire the youth to achieve greatness. Leaders are hosted weekly to share their life story, journey to greatness, and lessons for personal/national growth and development.

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