Nature’s Essentials using organic oils

For centuries, Essential oils have held a prominent place in medicine around the world. Both Modern medicine and traditional medicine support many of the ancient claims made about essentials oils such as stress reduction.

There’s a wide variety of essential oils available. Some are valued for their pleasing aroma. Their potency have proven to be of great health benefits.

It is in this light that indigenous Ghanaian company Nature’s Essentials is leading the charge for a healthy lifestyle providing solutions to numerous health conditions.

The company is doing this by using its wide range of Essential oil and organic oil products for healing.

Nature’s Essentials was founded in 2019 as a small women-owned business focusing the production of sesame oils.

According to the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nature’s Essentials Limited, Ekua Takyiwa Dufu, her line of product oils were carefully crafted to create memorable experiences priced affordably for anyone to enjoy. 

“With Nature’s Essentials edible oils, the company’s focus was to introduce and cultivate new ways in how we can traditionally use and relate to oils.  For example, to use sesame oils as flavor enhancers in our foods and to benefit from the nutritional value from the oils is the best we could ever do in our daily affairs,” she said. 


Touching on what inspired her to come out with such products, this is what she had to share:

“With our aromatherapy oils our focus was on well-being and mindfulness by introducing relaxation and a refreshed state of mind throughout the day.  Mindfulness was important to us in large recognition for the increased isolated live styles as a result of COVID.  It was developed in recognition of our innate ability to survive once we are grounded in “self-love”.

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About the Products

Our sesame oil products are locally produced and FDA approved all-natural pure plant-based oils.  They fall into two main categories:  Edible Oils and Topical Oils

Sesame Oils (Edible Product line)

Edible Oils come in three varieties:  Original Sesame Oil using a cold-press technique and the Toasted varieties (Light and Dark) which are Expeller-pressed.

Transitioning away from oily foods to oils that serve as flavor enhancers and health oils that contribute to our daily nutritional in-take.  Sesame oil is one such healthy oil that provides flavor and enhances the foods we eat.  


The toasted varieties have a distinctive rich nutty and smoky aroma which serve as a great addition to noodles, stir fry vegetables.  For example, I use it when steaming rice and it introduces an excellent fragrance and taste to your food.  I also use it in making quick salad dressings which introduce variety to your meals.  You can also use it for marinades for your chicken, fish and meats. 

The original is a milder version cold-pressed variety which retains the full nutritional benefits.

Drizzle onto your grilled foods – chicken, meat or fish.

Benefits (Why you should care)?

●             Our oils are cold/expeller pressed to retain maximum nutritional value.

●             Sesame oil contains essential fatty acids rich in omega-3 and omega-6 important for your health. 

●             Omega-6 fatty acids can help reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

●             They also contain powerful antioxidants (sesamol and sesaminol) that help dispose of waste substances from the body.

Topical Products

Aromatherapy Body & Hair Oils

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Our sesame oils are infused with a selected variety of pure essential oils to create our aromatherapy oil line. 

Our cold-press methods in the production of our original sesame oils preserve the fatty acids, natural vitamins, and antioxidants, needed for moisturizing the skin and hair. 

Uses & Benefits for the Skin & Hair


•             Greatly moisturizes and improves the texture and overall appearance of your skin, without the greasiness that comes from using other oils.

•             The oil-rich vitamins (A & E) and fatty acids soften your skin and reduce wrinkles giving it an anti-aging characteristic/effect.

•             Using sesame oil daily removes toxins from the skin and aids in clearing eczema, clears pimples and black heads. 

•             Helps alleviates aches from joint pain

•             Sesame oil also provides moderate skin protection against UV rays.

Hair Serum

Sesame oil’s ability to improve blood circulation when applied to the scalp, aids in improving new hair growth.  Use our Hair Serum for maintaining healthy hair either by way of fashionable facial beards, improving receding hairlines or hair loss.  


Use the CUTiE’s for hydrating your nails and cuticles.  Prevents hang nails and the discomfort it comes with.  They also serve as a mood lifter and a means of improving your state of well-being.

For more information:

•             You can contact us by phone or via WhatsApp on 0207825516

•             Visit our website:

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