UN World Oceans Day:

The World Oceans Day is here again as established by the United Nations General Assembly. This annual celebration of the significance of the oceans comes with themes for every year to be observed by us.

It calls on our responsibilities, aware creation as citizens to protect and make use of the oceans in a sustainable manner.

Life and Livelihoods is the theme for the 2021 World Oceans Day. How does our lives relate the oceans? The ocean is an entire ecosystem which forms part of our bigger space.

The oceans are a source of our food for humans and other living organisms. From transportation, medicine, recreation, research to cooling of the earth are afforded by the oceans. Source of water remains a key feature of the oceans to the survival of humanity and other living organisms. It is however interesting to note that the earth is about 70% of water indicating it importance to life, livelihoods and survival.

Humans are overfishing from water bodies and depleting the oceans of their ecosystem balance. This overconsumption and unsustainable use of the oceans are causing danger to our existence.

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