A cross-section of the public have expressed satisfaction with the extension of the SIM Card re-registration. They complained that they are confronted with a number of challenges in their attempt to go through the exercise, especially with regard to long queues at their Centers.

This came up when GBC News engaged the public for their views on the extension of the re-registration of the SIM Cards.

The Ministry of Communications and Digitalization in a statement issued March 23, 2022, extended the deadline across the country to 31st July, 2022.

The exercise was originally scheduled to end on the 31st of March, 2022. The public hoped the exercise would be made less cumbersome in order for them to register by the new deadline.

”Even If we extend the SIM Card re-registration to one year, some of them can’t even register because of the Ghana Card issue…if we can use other things to register the card it would be nicer than the Ghana card”.

”Sometimes if you go to the office to register like it will take you the whole day, they can only register about five people. It will take me even a few days, In fact, I get it so the only option is if the government wants it to go on fast they have to bring an app that one can download and go by it”.

”Ghanaians, we have a problem if we want to do something better people will start nagging about its usefulness, after all, what’s the use or importance”?

”There are some people because of their busy schedules they’re now going to get enough time to go through things, and I think that is going to bring a lot of conveniences. I think those of us who have not yet done it as we’re saying people have not yet there are people who have not gotten their card, so that will give more room to at least work on it”.

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”I’ll have to make sure I work within the time you see Ghanaians and Africans. We like postponing, now we have extended 31st July. Some people think we have more time, but time and tide don’t wait for no man.

The early bird catches the Web so I have to do my best to make sure I do it earlier than to wait till the time, because what happens, some few people because people waited until the final minute of the day”, were views expressed by the public on the extinction of the SIM Card re-registration.

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