Listowell Acquaye (Chosen YesuBa)

Life is the most precious thing to have as a human but it doesn’t just automatically guarantee a stress-free living.

There are many people struggling and battling with stress disorders due to many factors that cut across lifestyle, psychological issues, health complications, relationships, friendship, finances and etc.

The moment we do not reconcile ourselves with some definite facts and truths of ‘life and living it’ to brace ourselves, one would end up going through unnecessary stress expecting a peaceful life from the wrong quarters.

There are many important facts about ‘life and living it’ that have been shared by great philosophers, preachers, relationship coaches, psychologists, health experts, and lifestyle coaches.

The 20 pointers listed below may cut across many of the quotes and wisdom nuggets or even disagree with some of them but what I would wish for you to take home is what you find most relevant to you at the present(immediate) phase of your life.

These are notes or pointers I captured over a period of time from experiential knowledge. These are facts I have lived to witness, experienced, and can talk about thoroughly in detail without mincing words.

I believe sharing would help others trash unnecessary distractions or issues that stress them, drain their peace of mind, focus, energy and fortitude. A distracted mind can hardly achieve great progress in anything.


1. God is not bothered about oppositions, HE is still God

2. You’re what you think and do when no one is watching

3. Everybody is dealing with something, choose positivity

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4. If you don’t believe in immortality, start preparing to die

5. Your inability to trust God doesn’t limit HIS Faithfulness

6. Beauty, sex, food & money can’t keep a man, try respect

7. Honesty is not a verbal confession, it is a character trait

8. Character is not determined by clothing or countenance

9. Virginity doesn’t guarantee a prosperous marriage, learn

10. Riches doesn’t guarantee peace of mind, pain is fearless

11. Titles and laurels distinguishes, it doesn’t make wo/men

12. A King is a King even in bondage, in death he’s still King

13. Money deepens relationships, and also attracts pretence

14. You can’t defeat a man with evil, you only make him wiser

15. No matter how much you train a pig, it will despise pearls

16. If you can’t choose your friends, you don’t have an identity

17. Don’t believe any wo/man who doesn’t believe in anything

18. Education is not acquiring knowledge, it’s the right use of it

19. You can’t save a wo/man in love from danger, try heartbreak

20. You can’t put a Prince in a slave, royalty is identity not status

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