Rev. Vincent E. Mccauley

It has been 25 years since that beautiful Good Friday on the 28th of March 1997 when a selfless missionary of God, a man of faith, who led a simple yet victorious, glorious, and exciting life was called to be with the Lord.

We had to exhume and rebury you on the 17th April 2007 since we were not allowed to honour you properly.

The Soul Clinic Int. School, which you founded on 17th September 1968 is forever distinct, unique with discipline, innovation, integrity, with the will to be and faith in GOD.

We have been and always will be established in East Cantonments because she is the shoot GOD has planted for the display of His splendor.

GOD is EL- HANNORA (Is. 60:21) because He is an AWESOME GOD from the inception of SCIS and your faith in Him.

When things got rough in 1983 with the drought and extreme electricity load shedding in our beloved country, you were persuaded to leave Ghana for a nation abroad being promised a ready-made church, accommodation etc. but you turned it all down saying “GOD did not call me to that country.

I was called to Ghana and if I leave, I would be walking out of the will of God” and here you remained until you went to be with the Lord.

The Boys and Girls of SCIS, as the spirit of the Lord abides in them, will be a Joseph – who entered Egypt with an uncompromising spirit. A Daniel – who was distinct and principled in the heathen land of Babylon. A King David – a young boy who was fearless and GODLY.

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An Esther – a young woman of beauty, integrity and Boldness. A Deborah – a wise, all-round, and righteous judge. A King Solomon – full of wisdom to enrich his people and more of such. Godly young people who will stand for the TRUTH, the WAY, and the LIFE against all odds.

Your vision was to educate and raise GODLY LEADERS who can and will bring your vision to pass through Christ who strengthens them.

The vision of this visionary of GODLY young leaders will be fulfilled since it was God who called and sent him. As Salwa and the children continue this GREAT WORK OF EDUCATING ONE MIND, ONE SOUL AT A TIME WITH A VERY STRONG A -TEAM.

GODLY, YOUNG LEADERS with the will to be and many generations to come who will be true to themselves and to themselves alone be true so that they can tell others the truth.


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