Magnus Naabe Rex Danquah
Magnus Naabe Rex Danquah

Author: Magnus Naabe Danquah || MOBA 1972

Any group of people or tribe or clan or community or village or nation or association is as strong as they respect each individual’s special gifts and talents; and as a collective, they become stronger and greater.

This way, they are worthy to be recognized and collective destinies and talents emulated and as they become one in thoughts and deeds, their exploits are recorded in the book of life and history.

It is for this reason and fact that their EXPLOITS, BOTH INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE, beyond petty jealousies and squabbles, are recorded in the Book of Life for future generations to not only read about them but also emulate. 

If we cannot celebrate each other for posterity to record our individual and or collective exploits for others to emulate, how would we record our own history for others to emulate.

HISTORY IS ALWAYS RECORDED IN MOMENTS AND TIMES and as others have gone on before us, so shall we also go before others to come after us as expressed by the SCHOOL SONG – “FOR ALL THE SAINTS”.


Let us start appreciating one other, disregarding petty squabbles of the past during our times at the School; and move forward as a unit to play our individual as well as collective roles towards building a ‘NEW GHANA’ as conceived by our Founding Fathers and those who have gone on before us in the true spirit of ‘DWEN HWE KAN’.

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The past, our past should not hold us in bondage as the FUTURE IS OURS TO EVOLVE, SHAPE AND DIRECT as we deem fit for our children and their children’s children too. 

As we walk towards our SESQUICENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONS in 2026, let us move with one accord to actualize the dreams of our Founding Fathers for our nation, GHANA and the continent, AFRICA.

We cannot fail, we dare not fail as we pursue and live the future that influenced the FAITHFUL EIGHT not to give up against all the odds and play our roles and parts for the future of our great nation, Ghana and Africa.

We should never celebrate the dead but recognize, appreciate and honour the LIVING as part of the Mfantsipim Culture and Brand.

We should never be afraid to celebrate others for their contributions towards enhancing the MFANTSIPIM BRAND.

When we excel in our various fields of endeavour and or national / public lives, NOBODY should be afraid to identify these old boys and honour them to serve as motivation for the young, up-coming ones to emulate and be motivated for excellence. 

ENVY in any form kills a generation, recognition for sacrifices and excellence motivates succeeding people; and only way to enhance and continue the role and place of MFANTSIPIM in national and international lives.

The paths carved by those gone before us, should never be left to grow into bushes. 

With such recognition and motivation, we will begin to grow and shape next KOFI ANNANS, QUAISON-SACKEYS, MENSAH-SARBAHS, FAITHFUL-EIGHTS and many others more to re-establish as well as enhance the place of MFANTSIPIM IN HISTORY, especially in the REBUILDING OUR NATION, GHANA.

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We need more MFANTSIPIM men or products in all shades of our national landscape or life to change the current narrative of hopelessness, we face as a people and a nation. 

Remember the MONSOON UPRISING in 1948 and the role of Mfantsipim students in our national quest for Ghana’s INDEPENDENCE; our absence from national leadership of all sorts is therefore promoting mediocrity, which would not have been countenanced by the Founding Fathers in any way. 

I rest my case and thank you.

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