Dina Safwan Shoueiry, Managing Director of Nordiq Hygiene and Care Industry located within the Free Zones Enclave in Tema has revealed that the company proudly continues to offer opportunities to the less privileged in society, who in their daily lives, struggle to make ends meet.

According to her, Nordiq, the company which manufactures Sweet Bebe and Lovely diapers and Sweet Lady sanitary pads, has trained and empowered more women and a lot of people currently working at its factory including persons with disabilities.

Speaking to journalists at the signing and unveiling ceremony of a key brand Ambassador for the company, Mrs. Shoueiry attributed the company’s success and continuous existence over the years to the highly commendable loyal Ghanaian staff she employs.

“As a manufacturing factory in Ghana, we’ve been the first to manufacture diapers and I must admit that without hope and resilience we will not still be here.

The Ghanaian people I have are very loyal people to have onboard. We have never closed the factory on any day. What keeps me going is the relationship I have with the people in my factory. I don’t believe in borders that separate people.

I have never felt like they are locals and I am an expatriate. We are striving to make things happen, we are all looking for success, we are looking to put bread on our tables and this is what brings us together,” she emphasised.

The brand Ambassador, celebrated media personality on Adom TV, a social influencer and women rights activist, Akumaa Mama Zimbi will spearhead the promotion and brand building for Nordiq’s two leading products ‘Sweet Bebe Diapers’ and Sweet ‘Lady Sanitary Pad.’

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Speaking on the choice of Mama Zimbi as brand ambassador, Mrs. Shoueiry said Akumaa is a very humble and highly aspirational personality giving hope to girls and women.

“People love and follow her. What is even important is the fact that her self-made journey has impressed a lot of people and given them hope, which we believe is what we need in this country. Our goal is not solely on making profit but to produce something that people really need.

Welcoming the partnership, Akumaa noted that she was glad to be fronting and promoting a 100% made in Ghana product.

“You know I support made in Ghana products. My dressing and accessories and how I even moderate my shows clearly project Ghana and Africa. It is therefore a humbling experience for me to be leading the promotion of Nordiq products, Sweet Bebe and Sweet Lovely sanitary pads,” she said.

Nordiq implemented the first hygiene manufacturing company in Ghana and has since 2017 dominated the market with its top and popular brands including ‘Sweet Bebe Diapers,’ ‘Lovely Diapers,’ and ‘Sweet Lady Sanitary Pad’.

Its brands and products have become the most preferred choice and number one on the Ghanaian market as well as other neighboring countries.

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