Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia
Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia

Author: Fadi Dabbousi

According to “Fadipedia”, “angelism” is the manner of being holy but moderate, considerate but stern, tolerant and forgiving! Aaaaah, finally, my dear party, the NPP, is being presented with a candidate whose leadership is an inevitability, in Shaa ALLAH; one, who has the elements of angelism intertwined in his knit and fabric; one who can force his heart and nerve and sinew!

Dr Mahmoudu Bawumia, is the man who makes manifest the definition of “angelism”, and loves Ghanaians to a fault!

You see, this man possesses traits that are quite unique, and wears them as an epaulette on his shoulder just as a General in an army would, proudly! I will be unravelling the beautiful surprises of this man’s ways, but for now, he has a message of sanguinity and love for all who care to listen, appreciate, and take heed!

First, his respect for women is legendary. He does not need to be praised for this at all because he sees in every woman a mother, his mother! On occasions such as mothers’ day, he has never been frugal with giving credit to women who have impacted his personality, fashioning him according to the ebbs and tides of life’s lessons which come like the sea waves slapping the shore rather shyly, etching its effects on the wet sand! He says hope is a prayer we cannot abandon, at least not by women who form the mothers and carers of civilisation.

Dr Bawumia worked tirelessly, burning the midnight oil as he tried to right the wrongs of former President John Mahama. Since then, he has been at the forefront of turning the economy around, which he did, but for the sudden attack by Covid-19. Truth be told, this particular virus was a notch worse than its sister NDC, but, ultimately, they had the same thing in common: destruction of life, property, and the national coffers!

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In fact, Dr Bawumia has maintained such a sanguine attitude towards the economy and our general well-being! He however has a message that we all should wear like a badge of honour on our sleeves, and that is that no matter what happens in the flagbearership campaign and elections, once he wins the bid to lead the NPP, in shaa ALLAH, his doors will remain open to all who did and did not vote for him.

That is the man of peace that some people are fighting. Don’t be fooled that ministers and MPs who are openly campaigning for him will ditch him at the last hour. That is the figment of some people’s imagination that is violating their minds in a very unholy fashion. Let them drool over their misconception, conceptualism of a baseless dream and intoxicating nonentity-ism (another word explained by Fadipedia as benign insignificance)!

I want to give glad tidings to all who are considering declaring and voting for Dr Bawumia! He has the ability to forgive and put behind him all that can disrupt our unity. We may spar here and there, after all we are humans in a tug-of-war, if you like, in the matter of internal elections. Beyond this, there is no reason why we cannot bond as a fraternity that is doing GOD’s bid to alleviate the living standards of all Ghanaians!

Dr Bawumia will lend you a listening ear and take the opinion of every concerned citizen seriously. He is a true Ghanaian, religious in his determination to make Ghana work, the reason why he embarked on digitalisation and digitisation of the economy! Oh, and yes, he is no religious bigot. While he is Muslim by faith, he is tolerant of other faiths, having been an active member of the Methodist Boys’ Brigade, which he enjoys being close to until this very day!

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Go for Bawumia and let the sun continue to shine on Ghana!

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