Author: Beyonce Diamond Kpogli

A ‘SAY NO TO DRUG TRAFFICKING AND ABUSE’ awareness campaign has been organized with a health walk by the EZEIGBO GHANA FOUNDATION as part of its anti-drug campaign initiatives.

The Foundation held this awareness walk on drug abuse on Saturday 27th May from La Presbyterian Church to EL-Wak Sports Stadium at 37 with nearly 200 Igbos in Ghana and other Ghanaians participating in the program.

HRM Eze AMB Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu the paramount King of the Igbo People in Ghana appealed to the people to join the fight to rid the state of narcotics.

He emphasized that children and youth needed to be protected from the menace of drugs, which threatened to reverse the state’s development. 

“Drug abuse is the source of most heinous crimes in Ghana. Narcotic or substance abuse does not only take a toll on individuals but also families and social relationships, besides affecting the country,” he said.”  

Touching on the significance of the SAY NO TO DRUGS awareness walk, HRM Eze AMB Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu said it was not easy for those who are fully under the influence of narcotics to come back to normal life.

“The consumption of narcotics leads to the destruction of individuals most of the time hence the EZEIGBO FOUNDATION is committed to helping individuals to fully recover from such drug addictions. I would like to caution anyone who is into the importation of hard drugs into Ghana to stop it since it will never help Africa.

….If are a drug dealer, please stop it, it will not help you, you are rather destroying humankind. Africa is rich with fertile land, engaged in agribusiness and other businesses, by so doing you will be able to have a genuine business and provide employment for the youths”.

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He entreated all the traditional rulers, and clergy to use their congregations to preach about the consequences of using hard drugs.

Furthermore, he urged parents and teachers to have a cordial relationship with their children and teach them the impact of drug trafficking and drug abuse.

He also warned that any Nigerian who is into drug trafficking to violate the rules and regulations of Ghana will be handed over to police officers, hence the foundation is ready for any Nigerian drug addict for rehabilitation.

Dr. Yennusom Maalug, a Specialist at the Psychiatric Hospital, Pantang, commended EZEIGBO GHANA FOUNDATION for taking up the awareness campaign to enlighten the public on drug abuse and its related issues.

“We believe this is a step in the right direction because everybody should be concerned about the young generation who are addicted to drugs and substance abuse since it has the potential to destroy their future,” Dr. Yennusom Maalug indicated.

“The main causers are cocaine and heroin; these substances will not give you a long life, rather they will destroy you”.

In addition to mental health, drug abuse can result in deviant behaviors such as withdrawal symptoms, stealing, robbery, loss of property, and destruction of life, as some young drug addicts had killed themselves and loved ones.

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