As Have, and Sremanu Electoral Area appeal to MP, gov’t to launch a motivational package for teachers in remote areas

On the occasion of World Teachers Day, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede, a passionate advocate for education and an aspiring assembly member for the Wuxor, Have, Sremanu electoral area, took the opportunity to express his admiration and appreciation for the hardworking teachers in the Akatsi South Constituency precisely those in the Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu Electoral Area.

Through his commendations, Mr. Gbede highlighted the incredible dedication and tireless efforts of the teachers, who continue to educate and nurture young minds, despite the difficult challenges they face in the area.

He acknowledged the stark realities of these teachers’ daily lives, including the lack of essential teaching and learning materials, inadequate educational facilities, inadequate staff, and harsh living conditions.

Having recognized the need to support and uplift these teachers, Mr. Gbede appealed to the Member of Parliament for the area, urging him to initiate a package that would benefit the teachers in the hinder lands in his constituency.

He emphasized the critical role that these teachers play in building the future of the constituency and the importance of providing them with resources to enhance their abilities and teaching standards.

Mr. Gbede’s message serves as a reminder of the immense value that teachers bring to society, their importance in shaping young lives, and the need to support and appreciate their contributions.




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It is with great pleasure and admiration that, on behalf of my people, I joined the world in celebrating our dear teachers in the schools in Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu electoral areas.

Teachers are like candles; they consume themselves to light the way for others. There is no contention about the positive contributions of teachers to human capital development in our country.

Teachers turn out economists, bankers, engineers, politicians, writers, architects, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and others. It means that without teachers, the world would not have great leaders and heroes who make our planet a better place for all.

It is quite pathetic today that these teachers are not respected for their sacrificial role of burning like a candle while imparting knowledge to others to attain success.

If we consider what they go through on a daily basis in the local communities and hinterlands schools like my beloved Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu, where inadequate infrastructure, limited staff, and inadequate teaching and learning materials have become the order of the day, one will but be touched to decry the contempt the teaching profession is subjected to.
These dedicated educators have demonstrated unwavering commitment and sacrifice in their tireless efforts to educate the children of our poor schools, despite working under harsh conditions. Their dedication to the betterment of our communities through education is unparalleled.

Teachers are the backbone of any developed country. They are responsible for shaping the minds of the next generation, and their impact on our future cannot be overstated.

The teachers in the Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu schools have taken on this responsibility with grace and resilience, and their contributions to our communities and the constituency as a whole are immeasurable.

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Their work is often underappreciated, but we must recognize that it takes bravery and selflessness to become a teacher, especially in rural communities where resources and support may be lacking.

These educators have chosen to work in environments that are not always conducive to learning, yet they remain dedicated to ensuring that their students receive the best education possible.

As a constituency, we owe a debt of gratitude to the teachers in schools such as Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu. They are true nation builders, working tirelessly to ensure that their students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute meaningfully to the development of our constituency, hence Ghana.

As we celebrate these nation-builders today, I want to call on the government at all levels to drop politics and crop up policies that will set the country as an academic trailblazer.

I also want to appeal to the member of parliament of our constituency to initiate a reward package for teachers in rural communities such as my beloved Wuxor, Have, and Sremanu electoral area and again use the occasion like today to celebrate our teachers by organizing a symposium on radio stations where stakeholders across the five geo-political zones in the Akatsi South Constituency will discuss challenges facing the profession and teachers’ wellbeing across the Akatsi South.

Dated today:

October 5th, 2023.

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