GI-Kace, Ghana’s distinguished ICT capacity-building training center with over twenty years experience, has joined hands with millions of individuals and groups across the globe to spearhead a compelling campaign for breast cancer awareness.

Through its annual Pink Week Celebration which was held this year on Monday, October 9,  to Friday 13th  October 2023, GI-KACE aimed at strengthening the global effort to raise awareness about breast cancer and advance the cause of early detection and treatment.

The Director General of GI-KACE, Dr. Collins Yeboah-Afari, disclosed that Breast Cancer is an undiscriminating form of cancer and must be fought by everyone to help save as many lives as possible.

“Breast Cancer does not discriminate based on profession, gender, or age because statistics have shown that a startling 60% of breast cancer cases in Ghana are still detected in the advanced stages.

It remains the most common form of cancer, and, regrettably, it continues to be a leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women, as per the World Health Organization (WHO),’’ he stated.

Since its inception the Pink Week Celebration has provided a platform for individuals to voice concerns about breast cancer, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility. 

“We appreciate the enthusiastic participation and encourage those affected with breast cancer to keep on fighting and never give up. We are committed to sustaining this annual initiative to continuously raise awareness about breast cancer in Ghana,” Dr Yeboah-Afari.

Speaking on this years theme “Living Beyond Breast Cancer,” Dr. Priscilla Awadzi, a General Practitioner at The Trust Hospital, emphasized the importance of regular screenings and timely medical attention at the awareness seminar during the Pink Week Celebration for both employees and students.

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Her message underscored the critical role these actions play in improving survival rates, as she highlighted that Breast Cancer ranks as the second leading cause of mortality in women, following closely behind lung cancer.

The week-long event reached its grand finale with the vibrant celebration known as “Fun Pinkie Day.” This festive gathering united employees and students in an atmosphere filled with joy and enthusiasm.

The event featured a delightful bring-and-share party, complemented by spirited games, injecting a sense of fulfillment and renewed hope into all participants, further motivating their commitment to the fight against breast cancer in Ghana.

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