Some youths in America are making the headlines after ascribing the praise and glory to Jesus Christ as their source of strength and enablement in winning their sports contests.

The Oklahoma Soft ball team and now Coco Gauf (the youngest grand slam winner) have boldly said Jesus was their strength.

In many parts of Africa, this would not have been news, certainly!

But it is, for these youths in the United States of America, and their actions could jeopardize their future in the sports, but do they care?

Why is it news worthy?
Lucifer is doing everything possible to take over the USA spiritually and physically. The Land that was once the pivotal point of Christian revival has suddenly become also, the tapered end of same. Unfortunately!

Many people have suffered abuse from the police and civilians for pronouncing their faith in Christ Jesus. Even when some artists, sports men and women, or successful people in academia mention Jesus in their speeches, the media try all means possible to ‘sim’ that side.

It now has to take very bold, unconventional people to publicly share their faith about Jesus Christ and ascribe praise and glory to him as the source of their strength for whatever they have been able to achieve.

I am focusing on these Oklahoma Soft ball team and Coco (I know there could be a few more others though) because of the news that has surrounded their actions in recent weeks, and to remind Sub Saharan African Christians that we still have opportunities to boldly and publicly share our faith.

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Footballer Neymar is also known to always mention Jesus or show some paraphernalia which has Jesus and he was asked to stop that and get paid some bonuses. What insanity! The young man has a contract to receive bonuses by not mentioning Jesus Christ!

I wonder if someone reading this still thinks what is going on is normal. It’s not, my friend. It’s not normal at all.

All these point to how wild the the enemy has become in his attempt to go into the fire with as many as possible, children of the Most High.

As the Bible says “Then He will say to those on His left, ‘Leave Me, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire which has been prepared for the devil and his angels (demons); Matt. 25:41. Hell Fire was not created for human beings but for the devil and his fallen angels, this is why he (the devil) wants to spite God by making His children disobey Him and thereby get some of them to go into the fire with.

Beloved, the enemy who has waged war against our Kingdom, has been seen to be serious, unrelenting and ruthless. What are we doing too? Shall we continue to party, look for more wealth and fame, fight each other in the church or sleep?

This is the time we need to arise and boldly share our faith to whomsoever we come across, everywhere. Let us be unapologetic about our faith in, and reliance on Jesus Christ, and showcase him as our Lord and Savior.

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Let us start from right this moment and shout it loud to as many people as we can reach, that ‘Jesus is Lord of my life and my home’.

Some ignorant persons or agents of darkness will attempt to stop us by attacking through all means but let us not stop.

You can write it on your statuses, on your Istangram pages, Facebook pages, WhatsApp platforms…you can tell it to people on the streets, in your apartments, in your neighborhoods. Let’s paint everywhere this week with our faith in Jesus Christ.

Be Bold friend, mention Jesus Christ to somebody this week, and the next week, and the next, and the next till they also come to the saving Knowledge of our Christ.

By Pastor James Appiakorang
President, Mercy Train Missions Ministry Int’l

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