Names Of Herbs In Twi: A Comprehensive Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we present the English names of various herbs alongside their corresponding Twi names. Understanding the names of these herbs in both languages can foster cross-cultural appreciation and promote the use of traditional remedies for their medicinal, culinary, and spiritual benefits. The following are common herbs and their corresponding names in twi

1. African tuliptree – Kokonisuo

2. Gold coast bombax – Akonkodeɛ

3. Poison devils pepper – Kakapenpen

4. Paullinia pinnata – Tuantini

5. Alstonia boonei – Nyamedua

6. Siam weed – Acheampong

7. Morind lucida – Konkroma/ngo ne nkyene

8. Poaceae – Abirekyire abodwese

9. Deinbollia grandifolia – Asikoto

10.Pycnanthus angolensis – Oteɛ

11.Pisonia aculeata – Akobowere

12.Scent leaf – Nunum

13.Justicia flava – Afema

14.Jute mallow – Ayoyo

15.Balm – Emee (emmanex herbs)

16.Punarnava – Aposumpo

17.Basil – Akoko mesa

18.Indian-almond – Abrofo nkate

19.Wireweed – Obrane atu ata

20. Lantana Camara- Ananse dokono

21.Nettle – Honhon/Bonhon

22.Cloves – pɛprɛ

23.Mistletoe – Nkranpan

24.Anise – Nkitinkiti

25.Purslane – Adwera

26.Wormweed – Ahahanhene

27.Griffonia – Kagya

28.Stinking weed – Nkodaankodaa brodeɛ

29.Anthocleista nobilis – Owudifuokete

30.Phyllanthaceae – Bowommaguwakyi

31.Abelmosk -Okra/ nkruma

32.Yellow Oleander – nnye me nnyere me (do not take me and bind me )

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