It May Be Wrong To Hold The Current Government Alone Culpable Of The Messed Caused.

It Is Obvious The Akosombo Dam Have Been Overstretched Of Its Usage. For Decades, The Successive Governments Failed To Notice Ghana Needed A Replacement To Avoid Impending Spillages. The Successive Governments Only Waste Their Terms In Office Talking About  Legacies And Never Looking Out For Developments.

How Do We Expect Workers And Those Managing State Institutions To Play Efficiency When There Have Been No Wake Up Call Exhibited By The Status Quo.

We Don’t Have To Continue Like This. Our Youth Are Going Through Different Forms Of Adversities Which Have Led Many Into Different Lifestyle Without The Successive Governments Stretching Out For Their Safety. And Now Spillage Victims Comprising Of Youth, The Elderly, Pregnant Women, Lactating Mothers, And Babies Deprived Of Their Comfort Space Thus Facing A Never Planned Relocation.

Going To The Victims Of Spillage Circumstances With A Political Attitude In The Pretence Of Soothing Their Souls Connote Lack Of Leadership.

Having Said That, I Purposefully Opine A Solution To Replace The Akosombo Dam.

Tidal Energy Will Be Mounted In The Ada Estuary Where There’s A Gravitational Interaction Between The Sun, Moon And Earth As A Natural Resource Generating Energy For Power Transmission.

Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah The First President Would Have Gone Beyond The Akosombo Dam  Constructed In 1965 If He Were Not Ousted.

When Given The Mandate And Handed Over The Sceptre Of Office Tidal Energy Shall Be The Prime Focus On Industrialization.

The Hydroelectric Dam Shall Serve As Channels For Creating Irrigation System In Encouraging Farming In The Country. Let’s Be Conscientious In Dealing With The Populace.

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We Need A Change With A New Dawn. Ghanaians Deserve Better Lives.

By Tom Asiseh

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