Author: Belicia Asigri

When I was appointed as the Lifebuoy Chief Education Officer (CEO) during Global Handwashing Day (GHD) in 2022, I was very excited to talk about the importance of hand washing to my friends in school, at church, in my neighbourhood, and with my family.

Within my one year as the Lifebuoy CEO, I had the opportunity to teach my peers about the importance of handwashing and how it can help prevent the spread of diseases like flu and even cholera.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, good hygiene practices like washing our hands with soap and water have helped us to have healthy children. I am happy to continue doing my work for another year.

As children, we learn so much on the playground without even knowing that we are learning. When we play together, we learn how to treat each other fairly, find ways to win, and also learn from our mistakes.

That is why I am happy that this time, Lifebuoy is making handwashing fun through play. We talked about “H for Handwashing” after GHD last year. Now, we have board games in our “H for Handwashing Kit” that will make learning about handwashing more exciting.

These board games are just like some of the board games that we know and play at school or at home like Snakes and Ladders, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Ludo. While playing, there are messages and activities around handwashing which train the players.

For example, there are instructions that make you demonstrate the correct way to wash your hands before going to the next stage of the game. These are fun ways to spread the message because you want to win the game.

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Working with Lifebuoy has helped me to see all the educational materials they use to teach us to wash our hands. As I continue with my work as Lifebuoy CEO, I look forward to teaching my friends with the “H for Handwashing” Kit and the wonderful games that we will play.

And to our parents and teachers, please set some time for to play the games with us. When we play together, we learn together.

Belicia Asigri is the Lifebuoy Chief Education Officer (CEO) responsible for educating her peers on effective handwashing.

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