In a demonstration of collaborative spirit and dedication to effective governance, Reverend Kweku Addo, the parliamentary candidate for the Ablekuma West Constituency, hosted a meeting with Dr Othniel Ekow Kwainoe, the former NDC Chairman of the Ablekuma West Constituency and current parliamentary candidate for Ekumfi.

The meeting, held yesterday,  8th May 2024, served as a platform for both candidates to exchange ideas on the strengths and weaknesses of their respective constituencies, and to strategize on securing victory in the upcoming elections.

During the dialogue, Reverend Kweku Addo and Dr. Othniel Ekow Kwainoe engaged in a thorough discussion on the pressing issues facing their constituencies, ranging from infrastructure development to social welfare programs.

By openly discussing these challenges, both candidates demonstrated their commitment to understanding the needs of their constituents and finding effective solutions.

Furthermore, the meeting provided an opportunity for Reverend Kweku Addo and Dr. Othniel Ekow Kwainoe to share insights and strategies for successful campaigning and mobilization efforts.

Their exchange of ideas not only enriches their individual campaigns but also contributes to the overall democratic process by promoting transparency and cooperation among political rivals.

Reverend Kweku Addo expressed his gratitude to Dr. Othniel Ekow Kwainoe for his willingness to engage in constructive dialogue, emphasizing the importance of putting the interests of the constituents above partisan politics.

He reiterated his commitment to working collaboratively with all stakeholders to address the challenges facing the Ablekuma West Constituency and to ensure a brighter future for its residents.

In conclusion, the meeting between Reverend Kweku Addo and Dr. Othniel Ekow Kwainoe serves as a testament to the power of dialogue and cooperation in fostering meaningful change.

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As the campaign season progresses, both candidates remain dedicated to serving their constituencies with integrity and diligence.

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