Concerned Citizens of Ghana in the Diaspora (CCGTD) is a non-partisan group of dutiful cadres who are outside the enclaves of Ghana. The ideologies of the group is plainly fashioned out from humanitarianism and nationalism. We censure and commend constructively devoid of parochialism.

Ghana has to build Ghana. No one can build us. And it hinges upon each and every Ghanaian his/her maximum utmost effort in ensuring that. The sense of belonging gives us the inseparable acquiesce that once you’re a Ghanaian, always a Ghanaian.

In Ghana, the Presidential Election is held every four years to elect the President who is the head of state and Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces through the Majoritarian System (Two-Round System) and requires the winner to obtain more than 50% of the valid votes cast.

Considering the above, the electoral Commission of Ghana is the at most government institution which has been entrusted with a superlative independency in pursuant to Article 46 of the 1992 constitution stating that, “in the performance of it’s functions, the Electoral Commission shall not be subject to the control or direction of any authority” except as provided in the constitution or any other law not inconsistent with the commission”, to conduct a free, fair, and honest elections.

In the light of this, we, in the “Concerned Citizens of Ghana in the Diaspora, CCGTD” fraternity wish to congratulate and extol the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission for the masterly and brilliant act which was demonstrated in the conduct of the Election 2020 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Covid-19 outbreak has undoubtedly derailed the stability of many countries across the globe and elicited numerous unforeseen disquieting circumstances which was seemingly a tough spot to deal with so far as any mass activity is concern.

However, the Electoral Commission stood out and proved beyond all reasonable doubt, that indeed, the dogma of ingenuity is deeply ingrained within their dossier.

First, the compilation of the 2020 new voter register through to the exhibition of successfully registered electorates was and still unimaginable. The adaptation of digital methods in it’s proceedings provided a highly convenient atmosphere to the Ghanaian citizen.

It was very feasible for any person to verify and assess his/her voter registration details without even visiting their respective registration centers. The Electoral Commission deserves an applause for such a milestone in the country’s book of records.

Timely and accurate dissemination of information and update is now the Hallmark of the electoral commission in it’s efficacy. Ghanaians are contemporary witnessing an Electoral Body imbued with unrivalled level of transparency and are grateful to that.

The mainstay of the Electoral Commission is the conduct of the general election in ensuring a peaceful and broadly accepted outcome of the election results.

Historically, truth be told, it is ocularly clear that the 2020 general election happens to be the best ever since the inception of the 4th republic. The overcrowding which has perpetually unleashed unpleasant situations at the various polling stations was out of place during the voting process. This significantly ensured the smooth and swift counting of votes coupled with clarity of the results at the coalition centers.

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Notwithstanding, however, the Ghanaian populace for the first time were been abreast with certified evidence-based results which have been approved by all parties at the Constituency, Regional and National levels.

The citizens were not privy to any information pertaining to the election.

Prior to the general election, the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission categorically proclaimed its intent of declaring the election results in a record timeframe.

In the vindication of its resolve, the EC has adroitly declared and gazetted the election results in an unprecedented manner.

This gives ratiocination to our exaltation of the EC about in this years elections.

Peace is the highest aspiration of the Ghanaian citizen and we can’t give room to the desolation of our hard-fought freedom.

In view of that, to the losing opponents, it’s better to try and fail than to fail without trying. You’ve done marvelously well. Better luck next time.

We seize on to admonish any party who is not satisfied with the election results to seek redress through the appropriate channel to ensure the survival of the country’s stability.

In concluding, the “Concerned Citizens of Ghana in the Diaspora, CCGTD” congratulate the President-Elect, H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and spur him to continue with his immense commitment towards the discerning Ghanaians most importantly the Diaspora and also celebrate the Jean Mensah led Electoral Commission for a wonderful work done.

Ayekoo Electoral Commission of Ghana….

Long Live Ghana!


Dr. Akwasi Afriyie Achampong


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