A PAN-AFRICAN website that aims to help talented artists move their careers to the next level has been set up.
Known as African Live Art (Africanliveart.com) and founded by Philip Amo “Ofori-Ata” Agyapong, Africanliveart.com will engage knowledgeable persons in the areas of dance, music, and folktales, as well as tourist guides from the various tours centers in Ghana.

These artistes and Tour guides will have their profiles and virtual teaching times on the African Live Art website. Clients from across the world will find their favorite category and sing up for a real-time virtual session with either an artiste or a tour guide for a fee.
In an interview with Ofori-Ata Agyapong, a graduate of the University of Ghana said the idea to establish the website was to help promote Afrocentric art forms and tourist sites in African through virtual technology to clients out the continents such as Universities, Libraries, Art organizations, Schools and individuals across the world for the purposes of research, education, tourism and recreation.
“Africanliveart.com will then became a one-stop-shop for Afrocentric and African Art forms and Tourism engagement”
“I have already featured Julius Yaw Quansah, a choreographer, teacher, and costume designer,
and Vivian Boateng, Assistant Lecturer in Theatre Studies at the Department of Theatre Arts, School of Performing Arts on the website. A lot more talented individuals have expressed interest in it,” he said.


Beneficiaries of this project are both the indigenous artists and tourism sites in the various traditions in Africa and the end users such as Universities, Libraries, Arts Organizations and individuals across the world.

Fully​ incorporated in Ghana, this organization apart from the CEO also has other members  made up of past students from the School of Performing Arts (University of Ghana), qualified Tech, Legal and Administrative experts. Members of this team have deep interest and passion for the growth and sustenance of African Arts and Tourism, and thus bring their vast expertise together to achieve this goal.

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 The expectation is to leverage modern virtual technology to further bridge the engagement and interaction gap between custodians of Afrocentric discourses, (art forms and tourism) and potential clients from across the world for educational, research, tourism and recreational purposes. ​Through the African Live Art website, we offer a variety of courses for our constituents. These major categories include​:

○      African Dance: Traditional Dance, Contemporary Dance, Popular Dance

○      African Music: Idiophones, Chordophones, Membranophones,

Aerophones, Traditional Songs

○      African Folklore:  Storytelling, Proverbs and Interpretations, Traditional

Games, Riddles

○      African History: Wildlife, Slave Castles and Forts, Museums, Kingdoms,

Historic Sites, Languages, Festivals, Food, Clothen

African Live Art connects with the academic and non academic custodians and representatives of the categories above to create their profiles on our website. Per the artists, instructors and virtual tour guides’ schedules, our clients or end users can connect, pay through our secure online payment system and join their preferred private or group classes.

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