The King of Kings, the Man of hope, and the Dad of the majority. An embodiment of leadership and progress. You began from afar…with all the ups and the downs, you chose to be with your kin.

Your confidence was tried and tested with difficulty and pain….you battled for us, you screwed the losing boats, and you advocated a decent course.

Can’t say much Papa, since you know where you are coming from, where you are presently and where you are driving us to. A Man of harmony and love…full of ability and trust.

Agyapa, we are appreciative of all the penances. We will perpetually laud your name…. since you are the genuine meaning of life. Such a lot you have accomplished for us, and we can not tell it all. Much obliged to you, Papa.

May the Almighty God favor this congregation, make it incredible and solid.

Kristo Asafo Mission of Ghana @ 50.


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