People management is an integral factor for effective and successful performance at the workplace.

People make up the human resources needed to perform tasks in any workplace and as such the ability of any leader to identify, harness, and utilize the skills of the employees is a key requirement for organizational progress and development.

The following are strategies for achieving this.

  1. Be an Exemplary Leader
  2. Focus on their Strengths
  3. Encourage and Motivate
  4. Identify Weaknesses and Proffer Solutions
  5. Communicate Effectively

Leadership is a responsibility that requires the ability of the person in charge to influence and impact lives positively.

The ability to manage people effectively while in pursuit of the organizational goals and vision is a function of influence and impact.

To be a person of influence you must be a person of impact. However, both requirements are anchored on the values and principles of a leader.

These factors are necessary for the successful management of people because organizational failure is a function of leadership failure.

Credit: Chijoke Stanley Apugo

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