Board member of the Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Ms. Erica A. Amoako has been handed an appointment at the governing body of rugby in the continent, Rugby Africa.

Ms Amoako has been one of the brains behind the recent successes of the Ghana Rugby Football Union.

She has been appointed onto the leadership and conference Committee of the Women’s Rugby Advisory Committee of Rugby Africa according to a release from the Chairwoman of the committee Regina Hellen Lunyolo.

Her appointment comes as great news to the Ghana Rugby family considering her dedication towards the recent successes of the federation.

Reacting to the appointment of Ms Erica A Amoako, the Board Chairman and President of the Ghana Rugby Football Union, Herbert Mensah said , “Ghana Rugby is very proud of Ms Erica A. Amoako, it’s one thing to have people to be recognized by our governing body, Africa Rugby , which I sit on the Board, headed by Khaled Babou”

“It is following the lead of World Rugby in establishing the Women’s Rugby Advisory Committee, headed by Paula Lanco, She set up the Sub Committee to run it to be effective and within a short space of time it is making a lot of impact with high sort of women been invited to serve on the sub Committee of the board..The Leadership training and conference sub Committee, is where Erica Amoako will be serving and is a great achievement for Ghana and Ghana Rugby, I congratulate her and everybody else she works with”

‘It is important to note that, we in Ghana Rugby has sort over the years to change our internal subjects, the running of sports in general, is something that we have taken a different view with, most people think the administration of sports is simply that, but we understand that Sports is a big business, we understand the need to raise money, not by witchful thinking but to bring the right people on board to serve and delivered and Erica is one of them, having been a senior person at Vodafone, Guinness ect. she brings worth of expertise on board and it is been recognized by Rugby Africa and that is fantastic”

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“We have two ladies on our main board now, and we will be hoping to get a third in the next period, not because they are women, I don’t believe people should be appointed based on sex or anything but based on their competency, and I believe you can find competent people in every single category in different ways..We are lucky enough to have Ms Erica Amoako on board, l say congratulations to Ms. Erica Amoako, congratulations to women of Ghana and the world.”

Ms Erica A Amoako was Board Member of the Ghana Rugby Football Union in charge of corporate affairs and sponsorships.

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