Mr. Otu

Almost 8 months on and he’s full of gratitude to the New Patriotic Party (NPP: Development in Freedom) Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo upon assuming office, instructed that the Persons with disabilities fund be used in a way that will empower our friends with disability by setting them up in sustainable and self-sufficient ventures rather than handouts and this has led to thousands of persons with disability across the country benefiting and gainfully engaged now.

This is a story worth sharing and one worth reading.

The story of Mr. Otu and the changes brought into his life as a result of Nana Addo’s policy direction on Persons with Disabilities fund is just one of theousands of such stories accross the country.

Around 6:30am on 13th July,2020 at the peak of the Covid-19 restrictions, I was on my usual early morning walks with my wife. We usually start from the MCEs residence, walk through Akufo Road so we can battle with the descent and ascent of the hills and then connect from Abiriw Junction through Ofie High streets and then connect back to the residence.

On this particular day, something spectacular happened, just as we got to the Sinai junction, out of nowhere, this fine gentleman with his broad smile and beautifully cut hair uniformly grey with a matching mustache held my legs and asked that I come to see his workplace. He tells my wife how he’s been longing for such an opportunity and had placed all the entire Neighbourhood on notice to prompt him anytime I come around.

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I saw the mixed feeling of joy and anxiety in his face. That feeling of thank God for showing up and not so sure if he’s going to heed to my call.

Mr. Otu, gave me that sense of importance, the sense of being needed, the sense of people’s lives truly depends on my actions and inactions.

Swiftly we followed him to his work place and what we saw, met and experienced is one that left me dumbfounded. Completely torn apart roofing sheet wrapped shop, soil uncemented floor, wires and cables running all over the place, (refer to pictures in the attached). A completely shattered shop but right in the middle of it is an elderly man who is physically challenged but with all willingness and commitment to work to feed self and family.

All Mr. Otu was asking of me is to intervene and simply get him an ECG Meter for his shop and to help him pay his outstanding Bills. I hurriedly agreed and asked him to expect the Municipal engineer on Monday.

Back in the office on Monday, myself, municipal Works engineer, Head of social Welfare and the team made a journey to see Mr. Otu. We shed tears, we cried cos we just couldn’t believe that, very little things are needed to make big changes in people’s lives.

We conferred quickly and agreed to intervene through the Social Welfare using the Persons with disabilities fund. I engaged the committee and approval was quickly given, not to only provide ECG meter but to give a complete facelift to Mr. Otu’s Corn Mill. I asked Mr. Otu to leave his place for us so we can fix his place. We supported him with some stipend to keep him for the period of rehabilitation.

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Few days ago, I visited some elderly friends of mine in the area and decided to stop by and say Hello to Mr. Otu and to also give him a Christmas Gift. That broad smile he gave me upon seeing me is in the picture you see below. Never felt prouder than that moment Mr. Otu smiled and said thank you to me and the team. The undeserving showers of blessings and grace we get by working with and for Nana Akufo-Addo.

Yes, as you can see in the pictures below, his tattered Shop has now been transformed into a full steel, wood lined, ceramic floor tiles, new electrical wiring and fitting, bigger space and new machines for a more conducive and effective business operations. Yeah! This is what Nana Akufo-Addo delivers to the local economy.

Next weekend, I’m going to deliver that Smart TV to Mr. Otu to hang in his shop so he can enjoy his Ghana Premier League that he loves so much without stress.

This is just to let us know how Nana Akufo-Addo is transforming lives and impacting society with his very little little policies with the splice leadership and implementation capabilities by the District Assembly Common Fund administrator Hon. Naa Torshie

To the guys who work behind the scenes to make these “small great” things happen, God Bless you, Selasi Djimanye Mcjerry Bekoe, Nana Oye Baah, John Peter Addo Nyarko, Evans Sarkodee-kodom Nana Kofi Osei, Kweku Akuffo, Prince Awuku, Kenneth Offei Asah.

We look back and thank God for what we were able to do within the short period we had the chance.

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Slowly but steadily we shall Rise

Below are images of Before and After of Mr. Otu’s Cornmill Shop after he encountered Nana Akufo-Addo’s magic policy for Persons with Disability.

—Dennis Miracle Aboagye

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