NPP KEEA Chairman

The youth of the New Patriotic Party in the KEEA are ascribing the defeat of Dr. Joe Acquah (PC for KEEA) who lost to Mr Samuel Mills in the 2020 parliamentary election to the Chairman Mr. Andrews Essuman Prah.

They are accusing the Chairman of disrespecting key leaders of communities and disregarding leaders and members of his own party.

According to them, his conduct led to a grave dissatisfaction and disinterest in the party’s affairs among the grass root. This led to a lukewarm and lackadaisical attitude during the campaign period as the grassroots felt disrespected. They didn’t see the reason and need why they should go out and campaign vigorously when the party chairman has no iota of respect for them.

They often complained that, with this attitude, what shows that he will even have their interest at heart after victory? Coming events they say cast their shadow.

The Chairman after taking a position as chairman of the constituency in 2018, the party for the first time failed to win neither the parliamentary nor the presidential elections. And this is due to his bad leadership and governance style.

There are claims of him misappropriating monies and items apportioned for campaign purposes. These allegations were further backed by people within his inner circle who were dissatisfied with how he was handling the affairs of the party.

His actions were reported to the regional executives for necessary actions but it came as a shock to party faithful that the disciplinary committee is silent on the gross misconduct and matters that call for corrective and drastic measures.

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The youth believes he is not a leader who unites and does not have the requisite leadership skills to steer the affairs for victory in the interim and into the future with 2024 in sight.

The youth who form the skeleton of the party is calling on the regional and national executive to act and do so real fast before he plunges the whole constituency into chaos.

The crack within the party can be patched now, let us not wait till it is too late and the only solution is to pull down the whole structure and rebuild.

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